Erogenous zones you shouldn’t ignore on your woman

When you’re getting naughty in the sheets, it’s easy to let your feelings of excitement take over and you skip over a few important spots that could’ve potentially made the experience even more pleasurable. Knowing these areas will benefit your time in between the sheets and it’ll most definitely pleasure your partner. So, take a look and next time you find yourself getting frisky, try to remember a couple of these zones.

Inner Thighs

This area can quite quickly be skipped over in the moment, rather than using this area to tease your partner and build up to the big event some people forget about it altogether. A teasing motion can make this area super sensitive to touch, slowly building the pleasure for your partner. You could slowly trace shapes on your partners thighs or even lightly peck them.


This one is a super obvious one, most people know that the nipples are an incredibly sensitive area. Using light touch and your mouth, you can easily turn this into an erogenous zone. Exploring this zone during foreplay is a great way to build anticipation for the main event 😉


The ears are so important in the early stages of foreplay. Try lightly kissing, licking, or nibbling at the earlobes, it can be pleasurable for your partner and is a great way to increase their sensitiveness to touch.


Along with the ears, the neck is a great place to start in foreplay as well. Even a slight touch of your lips or fingertips against your partners neck can make their body tingle. You can make your way to their lips or down their body towards the nipples and stomach.


It’s the most under-appreciated erogenous zone yet arguably the most important.

Did you know? The clitoris has 8000 nerve endings so it’s no surprise it’s sensitive to touch.

Because of this it’s probably a good idea to use gentle stimulation like a tongue or sex toy as a starting point and to figure out what pressure is pleasurable for your partner. Every woman will have a different pressure point, so it’s down to the individual what is pleasing to them. Remember to communicate and ask your partner what feels good/doesn’t feel right.

You’re probably looking at the list above and nodding your head, telling yourself that you know all of these areas already but sometimes we need a gentle reminder. The best thing about this is there’s a zone for every level of foreplay. Start at the ears and neck, moving towards the nipples, down to the thighs and finishing with the clitoris.

If you want to explore a little more, head over to our Naughty Pond where you’ll find other naughty singles ready for some fun.

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