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If you wish to contact us with a question about your membership please provide us with your:

  • member ID (number) or email address originally used to sign up.

You can find your member ID at the bottom of emails we send you.

Payment Queries

If you have a question about a payment please help us to locate it by including the following information. We may not be able to find your payment details without this.

  • the name on the card that was billed
  • the amount you were billed
  • the date you were billed
  • the last 4 digits (only) of the card number that was billed
  • the website you are a member of (Plentymorefish Single / Silver / Naughty / Chritian Pond etc)

All emails should be sent to:

Our Customer Care team receive a high volume of emails and we aim to reply within 72 hours. Please include the above details with your question to help us find your account and respond to your enquiry.

For your security, please do not email us your full card number, CVV or full password. We will never ask you for this information via email.


2 responses to “Contact Us”

  1. ambagockelen says :

    Just wondering how you will insure your service users’ safety if someone can browse ‘anonymously’ and no safety checks are carried out on registration? No address, no proof of identity? Can you really call your site safe?

    • Plentymore says :

      I understand your concern and thanks for your question. An anonymous browser cannot interact with you or any other member other than sending winks. If they decide that they want to make contact through messaging, that’s the point at which they have to provide payment details. The payment details, usually a credit card or verified paypal account, have to be linked to the user’s name and address and the card/account details are checked to ensure they are not fraudulent. These details form the basis of the safety checks. At this point we have the name, address and proof of identity you seek. It really is safer than meeting a stranger in a pub. I hope that helps address your concerns.

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