Three new sex positions to try tonight

Maybe you’re after a bit of a change up in your sex life, you’re thinking you want to vary the positions and try something new. Well, we’ve done a bit of research and found some positions you could give a go tonight to spice up your sex life. Sometimes it’s easy to slip into the same old positions and you might be getting bored of it, so try these out and who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favourite position.

“The Bear Hug”

The receiving person stands and raises one leg in a bent position, it’s probably a good idea to make sure you’re near a wall or your bed for support. The giving partner then positions themselves behind the receiving partner in a tight hug, holding onto their waist to pull them in closer.

This position is great if you like the flexibility to choose the intensity and depth, as you can easily tailor it to your needs depending at the angles you and your partner position yourself in.

“The Sofa Surfer”

The receiving partner sits on the armrest of the sofa (first make sure your sofa isn’t flimsy and there’s nothing around you could injure yourself on) and then lowers the upper part of their body onto the seat, so they’re lying at an angle, with their legs straight and raised. The giving partner should then stand in front of the armrest and receiving partner and place their legs on their shoulders and grabbing their thighs.

This position is great if the giving partner is a little more dominant with the pace. It is sure to hit all of the deep penetrative spots that can create the mind-blowing orgasm and since you don’t have to use your hands, they are free to stimulate other parts of the body, like the nipples etc.

“The Cradle”

You both must be sitting facing each other to start with, the receiving partner then moves closer and wraps their legs around the giving partner and the giving partner does the same. The receiving partner then should shuffle forwards. This position requires more patience and it is deeply intimate.

As it’s a low intensity position it can take longer to build to an orgasm, but it done right it can be a connective experience for both partners. It might be one to try if you’ve got a bit of history with your partner, probably not the best for the first date.

There are plenty of other sex positions out there to try, but these are just a few that have the potential to spice up your sex life.

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