Looking for the perfect partner? Just find out whether they are the youngest or eldest in their family…

According to some psychologists, it is not just an individuals character that is affected by their birth order- apparently an individuals career and relationship is affected too!

Linda Blair claims that a quick way to find out whether your match is made in heaven is to ensure that you are the first born and your partner is last born (or vice versa). This is because birth order positions have particular characteristics that are carried along with them. For example, the eldest sibling is likely to be caring and organised and the last born usually enjoys being dependent on others and is less organised.

So basically…Opposites attract.

Blair thinks that if both you and your partner are an only child- this could cause problems in your relationship and thinks that it is possible to help predict how difficult or easy it will be to get along with your partner by knowing their position in a family.

Oooh interesting! I wonder how true this actually is…

Are you proof that this is a load of “codswallop” or do you agree with this theory? As usual, we would love to hear your views 🙂

PlentyMoreFish x

From “What Your Position In The Family Really Tells You About Your Character” by Linda Blair

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