Say “So long” to awkward silences…

You’ve got a date this weekend which your incredibly excited about. Well, excited but  a little apprehensive…

Your main worry is to do with the possibility of awkward silences. What if the conversation is a drag and the date seems to last a lifetime?! We’ve all had those dates when trying to get a good conversation flowing is like trying to get blood out of a stone and at PlentyMoreFish we are here to help 🙂

First off; conversation topics that are best left alone on a first date include ex-boyfriends/ girlfriends, family & work…basically anything that’stoo personal. It could be a turn-off and leave your date feeling a little awkward.

A conversation should start with a few open questions; something that gives your date the opportunity to reply in at least a full sentence instead of a simple yes or no. Something like:

– “You look nice, where did you get (the item of clothing) from?”

– “What kind of music/books/movies are you into?”

– “Have you been travelling? Where have you been?” etc….

These conversation starters should help further conversation to flow and before you know it you’ll be feeling relaxed, confident and having a great time!

PlentyMoreFish x






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