First dates: What their food choice can tell you

The foodies at plenty more fish (yes, that’s most of us) think that you can tell what someone is like through their food choices. From our own experience, we have compiled a list of first date food choices and what on earth they could possibly mean?!

A bit of fun rather than factual. However, we reckon there may be some truth in this

If your date orders…

  1. Tagliatelle or Spaghetti. They are willing to take risks and are not afraid of looking silly. A confident person.
  2. A margherita pizza. Likes to keep things simple. An easy going sort of person not looking to overcomplicate things.
  3. Any kind of soy product. High maintenance alert!
  4. French food. They are sophisticated and tasteful. They enjoy the finer things in life.
  5. Pub grub. Laid back kind of person. Chatty, sociable and fun. 
  6. Fast food. In our eyes, going to McDonalds, Burger King or KFC for a date really shouldn’t happen. If it does, we think this indicates laziness.
  7. Tapas. A spontaneous kind of person who likes to try new things
  8. Indian food. They don’t kiss on a first date
  9. Anything flavoured heavily with Garlic and onion. They definitely don’t kiss on a first date.
  10. Seafood. They have a strong personality and will not change for anyone. Good for them!

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