Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus Pt.1

As we all know; men are from Mars and women are from Venus. I think that sometimes a little help often comes in handy when understanding how men and women tick 🙂

So last week I had a sudden light bulb moment and thought…

“Why not get a male and female member to let us know their likes and dislikes when dating online and see whether their views are different?!”

So I’m now going to hand you over to one of our female members; Jen.

Hi, I’m Jen and as a PlentyMoreFish member myself I am going to try and give you guys some advice as to what’s attractive or appealing on an online dating profile and what is not so attractive.  Before I begin I should probably let you know that this is based on my own opinions However, I’m guessing that many women will probably agree with me. So fellas…pay attention please! 🙂

Choosing who to message

You have sent a load of messages out and none of them have been replied to. There is something up. Sorry to break it to you guys but you are probably punching above your weight. My advice to you would be to have a look at your photo, be brutal and rate yourself and then message women around the same rating. I can assure you that your response rate will increase dramatically! You must be realistic when dating online. Unfortunately even if you’ve got a cracking personality, the profile picture is usually what grabs our attention first. Apologies for being so blunt but it’s true…

The message

If you are really interested in a particular lady send her something specific to her profile. Personally, I only bother opening messages where I can see that my name has been mentioned. I definitely think  it’s a good move to send a message based on what she has said in her profile. E.g. if she has said “I love going out to gigs”, why not ask her what kind of music she likes? Trust me, stuff like that works so much better than “Hi beautiful” where you may possibly be known in future as “Mr Sleaze.”

The picture

As I mentioned earlier, your profile picture is the first thing we are going to see so you need to make it good’un! I have found that I am most likely to click onto a profile if the pose is “natural” with an interesting  background. By natural I mean that someone else has taken it and it’s of you doing something that you love; whether it is travelling, walking or partying with friends, it doesn’t matter. Having a photo like this makes you instantly interesting and different from the rest. I am turned off by self taken photo’s and I would refrain from clicking through to the profile regardless of how good looking the guy was. Again, this could just be a personal preference. Naturally, I would recommend adding more than 1 photo and always ensure that the photo is clear. I see way too many highly pixelated photo’s and it usually makes me think that the person is trying to hide something?! I also find it odd for someone to put their children into a photo on a dating site. You will have plenty of time to tell the potential date about your children and I really don’t think putting them in your profile picture is the way to go about it (personally!)

So there you go guys, your profiles have been thoroughly analysed by one of our members. I hope this helps!

P.S. Oh and ladies, don’t think you have gotten away lightly. We will be getting a guy to tell us about his experiences on PlentyMoreFish very shortly and your profiles will also be scrutinised- watch this space!! Muahaha 🙂

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