Your online dating profile picture

First impressions are important. With online dating,  your first impression will always be your profile picture.

I  previously posted some advice on creating a sensational online profile in which I gave some brief advice regarding profile pictures. However, I feel that this should be discussed in greater depth due to its importance. These are my 6 top tips…

1. Choose the best photo of yourself…looking like yourself

Ensure that your photo actually looks like you. Often, a certain pose in certain lighting can make people look completely different. The photo should look like you on a really good day but it should still look like you! It might be a good idea to get an honest friend to check your photo before you upload it or even get them to take your photo in the first place!

2. Look like the current you

hmm...maybe this is a bit close up!?

Choose a picture that’s as recent as possible. I know it is tempting to post that picture of skinny you from five years ago but seriously, don’t do it! This will do you more harm than good. When you go on your first date you will have shown them a false representation of yourself, which may not matter so much physically to some, but certainly makes a statement about your ability to deceive which most people will find unattractive.

3. Upload more than one photo

This is something that I had never really thought much into until I watched a documentary called “wink, meet, delete”. One guy mentioned that he had a huge selection of photos on his profile to show different aspects of his personality- over 20 in fact! I’m not suggesting you upload this many however, I think it’s an interesting point. I mean, one photo is surely not enough to capture your personality. I would recommend having one “everyday” picture, one slightly formal photo and one of you to show your favourite hobby perhaps.

4. Don’t cut anyone out…especially the ex!

I have touched upon this issue before but thought I would stress its importance. Your picture should be of you only. I can’t talk for guys but I know us women analyse just about anything! Personally, if I saw a picture of a guy with evidence of an ex girlfriend being chopped out, It would definitely put me off as I would instantly think he would cut me out of pictures when our relationship ended. So yeah, I think this is major consideration to take on board.

5. Show off your figure without showing too much flesh

Try and get a full length photo on there. You don’t have to be doing a stand up pose or anything. Just give your potential date an idea of what to expect when they meet you. There really is no need to bust out the bikini or skin-baring shots. Keep in mind that any photos you post will be available for all members to see.

6. Picture Quality

As well as the picture quantity, the quality is equally important. Use a digital camera rather than a web cam and as I mentioned earlier, get someone else to take the photo. It allows for a more natural pose. By all means, flirt with the camera a little bit if you like! Apparently, making direct eye contact with the camera increases your chances of receiving a message.

That’s it! 6 simple steps to uploading a great profile pic…DONE! I hope you have found this useful.

Happy fishin’!

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