Creating a Sensational Profile

Ok, so this is what’s on my mind today…

After scouring through a vast array of online dating profiles I noticed some common errors that could potentially harm your views and interest from other members. So don’t fret, I’m here to help!  I have scoped out a number of various “no no’s”  on my travels through the online dating world and now I will take you through various tips  to try and help you create that sensational profile. So, here goes…

“Say Cheese!”

Upload a photo. Yes, yes I hear you… “Why should I read further- state the obvious!”  Well actually, I have come across many profiles without a picture, which makes  it far too easy to skip past them. I feel it is imperative to include at least one picture . This may sound shallow but your picture will always be the first thing someone comes across. You can only show limited charisma, intelligence and humour through online profiles so your picture will always be of highest importance

Your pictures should be of good quality. Personally, I would advise against self taken photos (by that I mean standing in front of a mirror with a mobile phone) and photos of photos (if you know what I mean). I feel that these are often difficult to see and often look a bit too poser-ish! I did find a lot of men doing this and considering that men are visual beings I was pretty shocked at the lack of good quality pictures!  Profile pictures should be of you only rather than big groups of friends. Lastly, avoid cutting yourself out of photos especially if its your wedding photo! (regardless of how flattering your tux or wedding dress was!!!)

 Include Conversation Starters

 Give people the chance to start a good conversation  by giving specifics. e.g. instead of putting “I like music” give your favourite types and  name a couple of your favourite bands or artists in your personal profile section.  It is difficult to make conversation with a stranger  and this is only exacerbated  if the info you have to go on is very limited. Also, don’t be afraid to state what you are looking for. This portrays confidence – often a very attractive trait to the opposite sex.  

What have you been up to?

Yup, keeping an online diary is slightly more effort but it is definitely worth it. Again, it can work as a great conversation starter. Someone may see your diary entry and find that they spent their weekend in exactly the same way as you did – what a great and interesting way to meet people with similar interests! I do however, recommend that you keep your diary entries short and sweet. I have come across diaries that are far too ‘deep’ and negative. If you must put negatives down, try adding a positive spin to it  (humour is often a great way to do this). Saying something like “another lonely weekend with me and the cat” would probably be a major turn off for the majority of singletons… regardless as to whether they are cat lovers or not.

Lights, camera, ACTION!

Ok, I know it’s slightly daunting but try adding a personal video. It will probably make your profile more interesting. If you have a particular talent or hobby that you enjoy, you could chat about this. I saw a great one the other day where a guy played a funny song on his guitar about why he was attractive to the other party and I giggled (quite a lot actually :D). I can’t speak for everyone but I find sense of  humour to be hugely attractive and  this is a great interactive way to show this. A video will also show confidence and help to add that little bit of originality and quirkiness to your profile.

I understand writing your online profile can be a daunting prospect. From scanning through many profiles I feel that the above are  key things to keep in mind when creating yours. I honestly believe that if you follow these correctly you will be the owner of a sensational profile and achieve the best possible results!

Oh, by the way… Keep checking back for our step by step video guide on how to create your very own profile on PlentyMoreFish. But until then…Happy fishing! x

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