5 Romantic Winter Dates

When dating, bars and cafés can be great venues but if you fancy something a little bit different, why not take advantage of the wintry season (if you can beat em’,  join em’!) and really impress your date. So grab your coat…and your mittens and check out our favourite 5 romantic winter dates.

1. Outdoor Ice Rink

Oh *OOPS* you fell over. It doesn’t matter if you can’t ice skate, in fact it’s probably better. If they’re nice, your date will help you up. Excuse the pun but it’s a great way to break the ice between you both!

2. Christmas Market

Does your nearest town or city have a Christmas market? Put on your warm winter coat,  browse the stalls and get into the Christmas spirit. This can make for a fun and cheap(ish) date. This of course depends on whether you can drag yourself away from the chocolate fountain and how many mulled wines you guzzle! Yup, I’m talking from experience!

3. Comedy night

Comedy nights are great in any season but if you fancy getting out of the cold we would recommend heading down to your local comedy club. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

4. Country pub

Preferably one with good hearty pub grub. Even better if you can sit next to an open fire. This will make for a very cosy date indeed.

5. Catch an Afternoon Movie

Get down to your local independent cinema and choose from a wide range of films from old classics to quirky feel good films. These places have a great atmosphere with a small cosy feel to them. Perfect.

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