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5 Romantic Winter Dates

When dating, bars and cafés can be great venues but if you fancy something a little bit different, why not take advantage of the wintry season (if you can beat em’,  join em’!) and really impress your date. So grab your coat…and your mittens and check out our favourite 5 romantic winter dates.

1. Outdoor Ice Rink

Oh *OOPS* you fell over. It doesn’t matter if you can’t ice skate, in fact it’s probably better. If they’re nice, your date will help you up. Excuse the pun but it’s a great way to break the ice between you both!

2. Christmas Market

Does your nearest town or city have a Christmas market? Put on your warm winter coat,  browse the stalls and get into the Christmas spirit. This can make for a fun and cheap(ish) date. This of course depends on whether you can drag yourself away from the chocolate fountain and how many mulled wines you guzzle! Yup, I’m talking from experience!

3. Comedy night

Comedy nights are great in any season but if you fancy getting out of the cold we would recommend heading down to your local comedy club. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

4. Country pub

Preferably one with good hearty pub grub. Even better if you can sit next to an open fire. This will make for a very cosy date indeed.

5. Catch an Afternoon Movie

Get down to your local independent cinema and choose from a wide range of films from old classics to quirky feel good films. These places have a great atmosphere with a small cosy feel to them. Perfect.

PDA. How much is too much?

We’ve probably all indulged in a little PDA (public displays of affection) at some point in our lives but how much is too much? Where does it start to cross the line?

For some, to become completely unaware of your surroundings due to your obsession with each other is somewhat of a fairytale. For others, it’s an uncomfortable and unfair act of shoving your “perfect relationship” down the throat of others.

As romantic as the scene above is, what would you feel if you were a passenger in the taxi behind? Would you glance up lovingly and feel warm fuzzy feelings take over you or would you feel angry, annoyed and slightly repulsed? Is it a case of PDA being acceptable in the movies but just totally uncalled for in “real life?” Or, do you think we should all stop being so prude and let our feelings take over. If we want to grab our partner in a busy street and plant a great bit smacker on their lips then it’s perfectly acceptable.

What do you think? Are you guilty of PDA? Do you mind it? And how much is too much?

5 things to consider when writing your dating profile

For many people, writing a dating profile can be a daunting and tricky process. Only last night, I was helping a friend set up her profile and she was SO concious of sounding “big- headed.”  I had to continuously tell her that you are in fact, trying to sell yourself – similar to that of a C.V. You have to describe yourself in a positive light or who will want to employ (or in her case, date) you?

Anyway, we got there in the end!  I strongly believe you can write a cracking profile description without sounding full of yourself! It’s do-able. Just follow our 5 tips for a stand- out profile.

  1. Always focus on the positives. Someone who sees the glass half full rather than half empty is extremely attractive. Refrain from portraying yourself as desperate. Making comments like; “is there ANYBODY out there?” can come across as very impersonal, as well as desperate.
  2. Ask a good friend to help you. This is probably one of my top tips. Your friends will have absolutely no problem describing all the great things about you. You can even get them to spell check it while they’re there! If it’s easier you could eve  put; “my friends would describe me as a…., b….., c…..”
  3. Upload a clear, recent photo of yourself. Make sure your picture is clear. Make sure it’s of you and not your pet. Definitely don’t upload a picture with an ex clearly cut out of it. Check out our tips for the perfect profile picture.
  4. Enough info in your description to help start a conversation…yes. A biography…no. Leave some to the imagination. You do not need to tell everyone why you dislike your ex or about your undying love for your cat. This can come later if you get to know each other well enough.
  5. What do you find attractive? Ask yourself what you find attractive in other peoples profiles and try to do something similar in yours! Simple 🙂
Hope this helps! Anything I’ve missed? Just leave a comment below.
Thanks for reading, plentymorefish.com

Is a second date on the cards?

Picture this; the end of your first date is approaching and the nerves that were so pertinent at the beginning have now started to vanish. It turns out you and your date are getting along swimmingly and you would love to see them again.

You think they feel the same… but how do you know?

Well, we’ve all been there and to be perfectly honest, there’s no clear way of knowing. This is not such a bad thing though. Imagine if you knew what everyone was thinking…how boring would that be? The fact that there’s no way of telling what your date is thinking or feeling adds to the excitement of it all.

There are some obvious hints that you can pick up on to suggest that your date would like to do this all again. If they go in for a kiss then ahem *alarm bells* you shouldn’t even be reading this…go and arrange that second date NOW! Things like open body language, spending most of the date giggling, long flowing conversations and dropping in sentences like; “oh I know this GREAT restaurant…” can all be humongous (is that even a word?!) hints to suggest you should meet up again.

If you wish to arrange a second date then make it clear after the date or call them shortly after. Just don’t leave too much time between the date and asking…if they are a good catch, they will get snapped up by someone else pretty quickly! 

That’s all folks! My top tip would be not to worry about what your date is thinking. They are probably just as busy worrying about what you are thinking! The first date is generally a nerve racking experience but just go with the flow and be yourself! If a second date doesn’t happen then they’re just not the right person for you and you are better off without. Remember, there are plenty more fish in the sea.

What makes #agoodboyfriend or #agoodgirlfriend?

Twitter peeps (AKA Tweeps :)) have most recently been describing the attributes of a good boyfriend/girlfriend. We decided to do a little research and find out exactly what people think this means.

So, according to some great tweeps here’s what makes a good boyfriend:

Great advice ladies, especially the one about squishing  mouldy sandwiches into your hair- that’s not an attractive quality!

Now over to the guys. What do you look for in a good girlfriend…?

So that’s what the twitter folk are saying right now. Pssstt.. Maybe fella number 2 would have a good girlfriend if he were a little tidier 😉

MATCHMAKER ALERT. We think we have made a match made in heaven here. To the guy looking for a #goodgirlfriend, we think you would totally get on with the lady wishing to find a #goodboyfriend. Our work is done here…*skips off* 🙂

You’ve been dating someone for a good while now and you both agree it’s going pretty well. How do you both decide you’re an item?

This is the question we asked on Facebook and Twitter last week with some very interesting findings!

35% of you thought that it didn’t have to be mentioned and that the other person should just “know”. Surprisingly, 24% of you would bring the conversation up after a few drinks and hope that it’s not something that’s forgotten about the next day. Even more surprisingly, 12% of you would invite the other person to be in a relationship with you over Facebook. –wow you bunch of romantics!!

It’s an Ooh La La landslide!

You may have come across “PlentyMore  ideas for that special date” where we recommended some top dates in the UK.

Well, we asked our members the following question:

If you were going on a romantic city break, where in the world would you most like to go?

…and the city of love a.k.a. Paris won by an absolute mile! Oh La La! 😉

So if you fancy whisking that special someone away for a romantic break then there’s a good chance they’ll love Paris. According to our members, other great romantic breaks include Barcelona or Venice.

So why Paris?

Whether it’s venturing to the top of Eiffel tower, getting lost in the Louvre or dining at an exceptional restaurant- there truly are so many great experiences to share with your partner.

…and why not have a cheeky “French kiss” high up on the Eiffel Tower…when in Rome! or *ahem* Paris 😉

Happy Fishin’ 🙂

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