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What makes a “real boyfriend?” Twitter tells all.

#arealboyfriend is currently top trend on Twitter and has been for sometime now.  Yes, that’s right, “A Real Boyfriend”…instead of an imaginary one of course.  Although *some* trends (including this one) can be a little immature, there were a few tweets which, I thought could be used to help define a good boyfriend. I’m going to replace the word “real” with “good” for the reason above!

Guys take note, here’s some top tips on how to be a real *ahem* good boyfriend.

  1. #arealboyfriend doesn’t cheat on his girlfriend. In fact, he doesn’t even get tempted to.”
  2. #arealboyfriend is one of the most stupid top trends to exist” – ……..Probably due to the reason I mentioned above!
  3. #arealboyfriend makes mistakes and learns from them.”
  4. #arealboyfriend is someone you can trust.”
  5. #arealboyfriend would pay his girlfriend compliments when she has made an effort to look nice.”
  6. “there are a few about, you’ve got to kiss a few frogs before you get the prince. #Arealboyfriend
  7. #arealboyfriend makes time for his girlfriend.”
  8. #arealboyfriend doesn’t try and make you jealous.”
  9. #arealboyfriend respects that you need time to spend with family and friends. It’s not just about him. 
  10. #arealboyfriend Introduces you to his friends.”
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