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What makes a “real boyfriend?” Twitter tells all.

#arealboyfriend is currently top trend on Twitter and has been for sometime now.  Yes, that’s right, “A Real Boyfriend”…instead of an imaginary one of course.  Although *some* trends (including this one) can be a little immature, there were a few tweets which, I thought could be used to help define a good boyfriend. I’m going to replace the word “real” with “good” for the reason above!

Guys take note, here’s some top tips on how to be a real *ahem* good boyfriend.

  1. #arealboyfriend doesn’t cheat on his girlfriend. In fact, he doesn’t even get tempted to.”
  2. #arealboyfriend is one of the most stupid top trends to exist” – ……..Probably due to the reason I mentioned above!
  3. #arealboyfriend makes mistakes and learns from them.”
  4. #arealboyfriend is someone you can trust.”
  5. #arealboyfriend would pay his girlfriend compliments when she has made an effort to look nice.”
  6. “there are a few about, you’ve got to kiss a few frogs before you get the prince. #Arealboyfriend
  7. #arealboyfriend makes time for his girlfriend.”
  8. #arealboyfriend doesn’t try and make you jealous.”
  9. #arealboyfriend respects that you need time to spend with family and friends. It’s not just about him. 
  10. #arealboyfriend Introduces you to his friends.”

Twitter asks; “Why am I single?”

We are Twitter addicts – you can always find us ‘tweeting’ about something or other. From dating advice and dating chat to the fun stuff that makes us chuckle at the plenty more towers. Fancy a natter? Tweet us @plentymorefish (surprisingly ;))
So, we couldn’t help noticing todays top trend; #whyimsingle and we thought we’d publish the most popular reasons which apparently, keep you single!

Have a read and hear what we’ve got to say:

I’m sick of the rollercoaster relationships, I want a honest, straightforward, real one, no games, no lies #whyimsingle
– We couldn’t agree more! People who like to play games or “players” as they’re known as, quite frankly, don’t deserve your time. Plenty more fish in the sea!

Found out the hard way that guys don’t like being poked on facebook every day. #whyimsingle
– Yup, probably true. What does a Facebook ‘poke’ even mean? A little bit concerned that you’re using plurals here…how many guys are you ‘poking?’ Stop it..seriously.

#whyimsingle because I can’t date food, my bed, my celebrity crush, the Internet, Twitter or Tumblr. So… forever alone.
– Hmm. We would love to help but I think this is out of our hands.

I’m mentally dating a celeb and that’s #whyimsingle ! *Shrug*
– Does the celeb in question know?

#whyimsingle ‘If you don’t love yourself, how can you love someone else?’ I’m still working on the first part
– We like this one. Very true indeed. We think you need to be happy with yourself and have a clear head before you go looking for anyone else.

#whyimsingle I fall for the wrong people. I don’t want to get my heart broken anymore
– Not everyone is the same you know. Be careful not to tar everyone with the same brush. If you go into a relationship with negativity, what do you expect?

#whyimsingle Because I’m waiting on someone to find me
– Hmm. Maybe that ‘someone’ is waiting for somebody to find them too. Our advice: get out there and start looking.

We’ve got to say, a lot of you seem to be very negative about being single. Even though we are a dating site, we don’t think being single should be seen in this light. I mean, going into a relationship before you’re ready is probably the worst thing you can do. Enjoy your single life, take time to think all about you and about what you want and most of all – have fun!

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