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10 Things NOT to Say on a First Date

If you’ve been away from the dating scene for some considerable time, you may have become a little rusty with some of the dating norms a.k.a “dating etiquette.” I think the biggest and best piece of advice I can offer is to be yourself and never ever pretend to be someone your not.  This definitely applies to both off line and online dating.

Sometimes, it’s easy to say too much on a first date and TRUST me, I know all too much about verbal diarrhoea… it happens to the best of us 😉   Chatting a lot on a first date is by no means a bad thing – if anything, it’s good – but saying the wrong thing could mean the difference between the first and second date. Steer away from the following topics of conversation and you’ll be one step closer to date number two!

"Oops...I mentioned my ex"

1. Bad mouthing your ex

Refrain from talking about your ex.. any ex. It’s a huge turn off. Your date will want to know about you, not your ex. It’s not attractive, plus it can suggest that you’re not quite over them.

2. Dishing out blame

Not taking responsibility for your mistakes will cause alarm bells to ring straight away. A relationship is built on trust and if your date feels they can’t trust you, well, that’s the second date out of the window!

3. Living with parents

So you’re 30 and still living with your parents without good reason and show no sign of moving out. Dependence on your parents at this age is pretty unattractive to most. It’s not just about the living with your parents though. Relying on your mum for your cooking and cleaning is a huge, huge turn off. Independence is SO much more attractive!

4. Discussing financial problems

It’s neither the time nor the place to be discussing personal matters like this. It’s way too much information for a first date and can leave your date feeling awkward. Get to know your date first. They may be a bit freaked if you start discussing your credit card bills, not to mention – turned off.

5. Your wish to be married with kids ASAP

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that discussing your marriage and family plans on a first date isn’t the best idea. I don’t think I need to explain why..

6. “You’re too smart/ attractive/good for me”

Self confidence is incredibly attractive to the opposite sex. Your date is on a date with you because they like you. There’s absolutely nothing else to question.

7. “Can I take your picture?”

Don’t ask to take a photo on a first date. It comes across as needy, freaky and a little stalker-ish. . Some of you may wonder why I’m even mentioning this..? Well, it did actually happen to someone I know and all I can say is a second date definitely didn’t happen.

8. “Come back to mine?”

Unless you know for sure that your date feels the same – don’t ask. Your date could end up being offended.

9. “I love you”

Argh. These three little words should never be used on the first date for obvious reasons. It’s worrying for your date as you’ll come across as clingy/ psycho. Harsh but true!!!

10. You’re jobless with no intention of getting a job

Laziness is not attractive. Showing no intention of working is to most, extremely unattractive. No one wants to date a ‘bum’ do they?!

Things men say or do that make women mad!

After posting “things women say or do that make men crazy“, we thought it only fair to write a similar piece with some of the things men say or do that make us ladies want to pull our hair out..*sigh*.

As before, we asked around the usual social media channels and have come up with the following most annoying male traits (according to women).

The wandering eye

Your walking along with your partner and an attractive women walks past with a short skirt on. Your eyes drift off before popping out like a google-eyed cartoon character. Don’t think we don’t notice…!

Not enough warning

You tell us we need to be ready in 30 minutes. HANG ON. 30 minutes? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How are we supposed to wash, dry, straighten our hair, get dressed and apply make-up all in 30 minutes. Physically impossible. More warning please.

Watching sport…ALL.DAY.LONG.

You tell us you want to spend time with us. We come round to find you on the sofa in front of the football. The game ends and OH LOOK IT’S ANOTHER MATCH. We can’t seem to coax you off the sofa, no matter how hard we try!


Not noticing a new haircut or colour was a popular pet peeve amongst the ladies. We go to quite an effort to look nice. Notice it 🙂

Pretend they’re listening

They’re talking. You’re nodding along. They ask you a question and you just look at them blankly. Sound familiar? You weren’t listening…were you? This seems to make a lot of women mad!

How do I look?

When you’re asked about a females appearance “alright, yeah” is not a compliment.  It seems to be the popular response amongst the men folk and yes, it makes us women mad! A slightly more enthusiastic response would be appreciated!

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