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Friends with Benefits

Recently there’s been an influx of films out there such as “Friends with Benefits” and “No Strings Attached” and it made me wonder…can this kind of relationship ever work out as planned?

These movies demonstrate a clear difference in emotional attachments between men and women. Is this a true reflection of what happens in real life? Do you think women are more likely to become attached than men?

….Or is it?

Does there become a point where either party is bound to eventually catch feelings or throw out a bag of mixed signals?

I wonder how hard it is to not become emotionally involved. Personally, I think crossing the friends/lovers line is likely to be a recipe for disaster and risks the end of a great friendship. However, I am not talking from experience and I would love to know if it’s worked for anyone out there? I wonder if it’s ever possible to overcomes feelings of jealousy if either party were to show interest in another person?

Have you ever had a friend with benefits? Fill us in!

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