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Botswana Musical Masterpiece…

Although nothing to do with dating, I thought I would bring this superb YouTube video to your attention. It’s a very different style of guitar playing all the way from Botswana. It’s  truly inspirational and definitely worth watching.  If this doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Jen, PlentyMoreFish X

Sounds like seduction

Here at PlentyMoreFish we are a very musical bunch. We always have our favourite tunes blasting and like nothing more than a good old sing song!  We were aware that music can affect our emotions ( and this is why we play Abba- “Ring Ring” to get us back into the swing on a Monday morning) but did you know that when women hear certain music it makes them more likely to give out their number!? No, nore did we!

According to a French study, women are more easily seduced by an “Average Joe (le taxi :P)” after hearing romantic music. The University of Southern Brittany found that after hearing romantic music, over 50%  of women gave ” Joe” their number whereas only 28% of women gave him their number when they hadn’t heard the song.

Interesting hey? We thought so too.

We also think that music is great for sharing and that is why yesterday, I compiled a playlist with all my favourite love songs on Grooveshark. Follow this link http://bit.ly/cB2ZzV and have a listen. Please let me know if there is any other good’uns I should add!

We actually got in touch with Grooveshark via Twitter last night…

We are really sad that we can’t help them meet their ideal fish but we did try! We think Grooveshark may be a little fussy and also…real fish can’t actually type, they simply don’t have the dexterity!

All musical requests for our playlist welcome and as usual, all comments welcome! …….*Queue BARRY WHITE*….. 😉

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