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Questions you wish you could ask on a first date

At Plenty More Fish we have had a good think and come up with some questions  we would LOVE to ask on a first date.  I suppose knowing the answers to all these questions would kill the mystery and excitement behind dating but you can’t help wondering, can you?! So, here they are:
  • Would you ever suddenly leave your partner without any explanation?
  • Do your care much about personal hygiene?
  • Will you be ridiculously dependent, or will we still be able to have our own lives?
  • Is it okay if we wait a bit before getting intimate?
  • Do you really have all these hobbies/ go to all these fantastic places in your spare time or are you just trying to impress?
  • What qualifications do you have?
  • How much money do you actually make?
  • How far would you go on a first date?
  • How many online dates have you been on?
  • Are you seeing any other people? HOW many other people?
  • Do you still talk to your ex and how often?
  • When you go to the bathroom, will you remain to leave the door closed in months/years time?
  • Do you have any plans to put on weight/lose a ton of weight/take up drugs/change your career/change your religion/change your country of residence, or in any other way drastically alter your life (and mine) in the next couple of years?
  • How will we pay for things in the future? Will you always expect me to pay or will be start splitting the bill equally soon?
  • Am I someone you could be serious about? How interested or attracted in me are you really?
  • How well do you think this this date is actually going? Will you want to see me again?
  • Is this an actual date?
Is there a question you had always wanted to ask someone on a first date? Let us know in the comments below. 

First date mood killers

So you’re on a date in a restaurant and it’s going brilliantly, there’s an instant attraction and you know that it’s mutual. Oh wait….what’s that sound?… It’s the sound of your date chomping on their food with their mouth  wide open whilst talking- Oh no! It’s an instant turn off and  all you want to do is go home!

As “mood killer”  is a top trend on Twitter, I have spent this afternoon badgering the Plenty More Fish Team to find out what they think are the biggest mood killers on a first date.  They have come up with some interesting answers to say the least…I hope most of these have never happened / will never happen on a date! So here’s what the folk at the Plenty More Towers reckon would turn them right off.

  • Sloppy language.  Using words such as “innit” and “ain’t.” We ain’t really feelin’ that.
  • Text talk. Using text talk in your messages before or after (hopefully not during) the date. “CUL8R”, “KTHXBAI.” Not attractive. Just don’t do it.
  • Inappropriate touching. There should a limit to touching on a first date. A graze of the arm or a hand on the back is absolutely fine and shows you are interested. A squeeze of the thigh or an unexpected smack on the bum is TOO FAR.
  • Over checking your phone. It looks rude and can make you look quite nervous. All your attention should be on your date…well that’s what you’re there for isn’t it? – to date.
  • I shouldn’t have to say this but burping and/or farting  I don’t even need to justify this with an answer. I just hope no one has actually ever done it!
  • Eating like an animal. Take your time, use your knife and fork and just remember your manners. Definitely don’t lick your plate!
  • Mentioning your ex. It’s the first date, ex’s should not be brought up- it just makes the other person think you’re not over them and definitely not ready to date. Turn off.
  • Bad jokes. Any joke you know may cause offence or is not really that funny should not make an appearance on a first date. It may create a awkward silence and a massive tumble weed situation. Just don’t put yourself/ the other person through it!
So there we go, our collection of first date mood killers. It looks like the Plenty More Fish Team have had some pretty bad dates!!!
PlentyMoreFish 🙂

A Breakdown of what Meat Loaf would do for love

As you can see from the graph above, Meat Loaf would pretty much do anything for love…which is very nice indeed!

But the question we really want to know is….

Do you have a “type”?

According to anthropologist, Helen Fisher we are all attracted to a particular type. This type could be an “Explorer”, “Builder”, “Negotiator” or “Director.” To discover your type according to Fisher you can take the online quiz here. However, as we found, you have to enter a Zip code rather than a postal code such as; “32043”, so if you enter this it should work! Oh- It’s quite a lengthy quiz so make sure you have enough time to spare!!!

Ok, so what do the different types actually mean?

The Explorer

The explorer tends to be “risk-taking, novelty-seeking, curious, creative, spontaneous, energetic, enthusiastic and optimistic.”

The Builder

These people are calm, social, popular, cautious, but not fearful. Very managerial, they’re very good at networking and family’s very important to them. They’re traditional, conventional, often religious.

The Director

They’re direct, decisive, tough-minded and often understand music very well because music is very structural. They’re competitive, ambitious and very good at spatial relations.

The Negotiator

These people see the big picture. They’re very flexible, imaginative and intuitive. They’re compassionate and verbal.

Who suits who?

Explorer types tend to be drawn to other explorers because they want somebody who’s energetic and enthusiastic, adventurous, curious and creative.

The Builder types, who are very traditional, cautious, skilled socially and into their family also go for people like themselves.

But the Director goes for the negotiator and the negotiator goes for the director. The director doesn’t have the people skills that the negotiator has and therefore is drawn to them because they’re  gracious, verbal and compassionate. The negotiator is drawn to the director for the opposite reason.

So what type are you and which type do you go for?!

Pretty Pictures…






Would you date these men?

Before online dating there was…video dating!

We came across this video and are yet to work out whether it’s real dating footage from the 80’s…

Shockingly, I think it is actually real footage but surely mullets weren’t as bad as this?! It’s hard to believe that this hair do used to be fashionable!

The question is…would you date any of these men?

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