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Love letters…romantic or old fashioned?

Statistics suggest that a mere 9% of you (or one in eleven) have ever sent a love letter so long gone are the days of ; “To my darling Elizabeth…”

Is romance dead? Well, at PlentyMoreFish we definitely don’t think so.

As much as that Catherine Cookson novel makes us yearn for a declaration of undying love through a romantic love letter-  it’s just so 1800’s darling and here’s why…

In the Victorian era the love letter was an opportunity to “let ones hair down.” It acted as an emotional escape valve for people who were otherwise models of restraint. The Victorian folk would bottle up their feelings only to pour them out later in letter form (when they couldn’t stand it any longer). Today however, people are much more tactile  than ever.

Those who say various technologies like text messaging, social networking or even online dating sites have put an end to the love letter could be correct to an extent but mostly it’s down to the way people have changed. Today we are much freer to express our feelings to each other in person.

So are love letters old fashioned?

Well, the simple answer would be yes.

Does this stop people from sending love letters?

Of course not. Love letters are raw, unique and lovely keep sakes for the recipient. Receiving a love letter in the 21st century makes it even more special and shows greater effort. Speaking on behalf of women…I think most of us would absolutely love to receive a hand-written letter.

What do you think? Would you send a love letter?

For more information please see “Sealed with a kiss” in The Telegraph by clicking here

PlentyMoreFish x

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