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Date Inspiration of the Month

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Can you believe it? It’s June already! How time flies when you are having fun, right? Speaking of fun, where are you taking your date this weekend? Still undecided? Well, your Fairy Fish Dating Blog Mother has a little idea you might enjoy.

A date, especially a first date, should be memorable and the more senses you engage, the more memorable the date will be. Our Date Inspiration for this month certainly ticks that box.

Enter London’s Dans le Noir, the restaurant with a difference. You and your date will be dining, yes you guessed it, in the dark, where you will be served by blind staff. Devoid of your dominant visual sense, you and your date can enjoy one of 4 ‘mystery’ meals where you will get to choose between meat, seafood or vegetarian. This way you get to explore your sense of taste and smell (and let’s not forget hearing) more fully. The food, mostly organic, is based on first quality ingredients, making the experience as interesting and tasty as possible.


Outside distractions, such as mobile phones, are a big no no at Dans le Noir and you will be asked to lock yours away (lockers are provided), giving you an opportunity to completely focus on each other and your sensory experience for the next hour or so.

Expect a few culinary surprises and a new perspective on dining and dating. To end the meal in a more traditional way,  there’s a lit bar for post-dinner drinks. Or if you’d prefer sumptuous concoctions of the drinkable kind, why not head over to the nearby Zetter Townhouse cocktail lounge?

Whatever you decide, above all, we hope you have fun. ‘Cos that’s what dating should be!

Happy Dating! x

Date Inspiration of the Month – February


What could be more romantic than to look up at the sky and hope to catch a shooting star?

Inspired by the BBC’s Stargazing Series, we have voted stargazing as our Date Inspiration of the Month. It’s absolutely perfect for a date. It’s dark, cold and you get a stiff neck from looking up. Huh? Think about it!  Ideal conditions for you to offer your date a warm hug and/or a neck massage ;-). You are welcome.

To make it extra special, pack a thermos with hot chocolate (and perhaps a little brandy) and those yummy mini marshmallows. Who wouldn’t like that? And remember to wrap up warm, pack waterproofs and a warm blanket to lie on and lay down next to your boo for when you are looking up at the sky. This saves the neck and is more intimate. And if you want to score some extra geek points, you could even make your own telescope. Or better make it together before you head out.

There are many events taking place around the country this weekend, so be sure to check out the Stargazing Live website for happenings near your area.

You will be sure you to learn something new whilst pondering the mysteries of the universe and how small we are in comparison. Pretty powerful stuff if you ask me. And if all else fails, you can always phone home. Get it? E.T. phone home. No? Oh well, we do try.

Happy Dating!

Maz x

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