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5 Dating & Dining Hurdles

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The weekend is almost upon us and some of you lucky people will be going on a date. If you are, you are probably planning to take your date to a fancy restaurant but beware, there are some hurdles to navigate when it comes to dining out according to this survey we recently read. We’ve gone ahead and summarised the top five for you.

1. Veggie vs Carnivore

Opposites attract, right? Not entirely in this case. Whilst 95% of the veggies are happy to date a carnivore, a third of meat eaters on the other hand are less tolerant and would not date a veggie. My guess is they are probably afraid of the silent but deadly ones veggies are famous for. 😉

2. Table Manners

Have you ever sat opposite an open-mouth-chewing human combine harvester watching them grind their food to a sludge whilst talking to you and spitting debris in your face? It is positively revolting and one of my personal pet peeves. If a man does not have the most basic table manners, I will not agree to another date. Call it a hard limit if you will. And I’m not alone on this….73% of survey takers said they would not date a person with bad table manners.

3. Boozing

I don’t have to say that you should apply common sense here, do I? It’s perfectly acceptable to have a drink or two during your date and if you are really nervous, it will help to relax you. However, knocking back the Châteauneuf-du-Pape as if you are trying to extinguish a raging bushfire, is not going to endear you to your date as 70% of daters agreed.

4. Ready, Steady, Cook

Apparently a quarter of singles find a person who can cook more appealing. I’m guessing beans on toast probably doesn’t qualify as cooking. Or does it? In which case I’m your next Nigella Domestic Goddess Lawson.

5. Paying for the bill

Ever since the first feminists fought for equal rights, (wo)mankind has been left wondering who will be paying the bill. There’s tons of advice out there and it’s often conflicting. Apparently over 60% of males say they expect to pay the bill on the first date. And let’s face it ladies, you WANT IT! If a man doesn’t spring his wallet, we think he’s a tightwad and worry if he had a good time. Admit it!

Wouldn’t it just be simpler if we make it a rule that men pay for dinner on the first date? Or would that not sit well with all you Independent Laydeez and the other 40% of men? *Snap*

Do you agree? How do you manoeuvre the pitfalls of a dinner date? As ever, we welcome your thoughts and comments.
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