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Success with Plenty More Silver Fish


A little ping just announced the arrival of this wonderful message sent to us by Anne who met her John on Plenty More Silver Fish. Sadly she didn’t send us a picture but this is what she wrote:

I joined the site one year ago, after being alone for several years following an unpleasant divorce and many years alone.  I started to enjoy exchanging correspondence through the site with many nice sounding men but none that I felt attracted enough to meet. Then I saw John’s picture and profile.  His picture was of a nice looking man, obviously taken on a holiday, sitting relaxed at an outside beach café.  His profile told me he was a widower who had been married for over 40 years and lost his wife very suddenly.  I liked the way he worded his profile, with total respect of his marriage and his wife.  I sent him a message although he lived some 30 miles from me.  It was a while before he responded, and then for several weeks we sent brief messages.  Then eventually he asked if I would like to meet him for a drink. It was the first time I thought Yes I will do this.  We met in a pub car-park very near to me, I was very nervous, we had a nice evening, conversation was easy and flowed.  Before the end of the evening he asked me if I would like to meet again and I said yes.  We dated once a week for a month then John was away on a months holiday. I realised I missed him and he phoned several times.  When he returned he came straight to see me and we fell into each others arms.  From then on we spent more and more time together, met each others families.  And we are now moving into a home together and planning our futures. I can honestly say that John has wiped out all my unhappy memories of my marriage breakup.  Although John retains loving memories of his long happy marriage he tells me he feels re-born and looks forward to our future years together. We are both now retiring and ready to experience a new life together. Thank you Plenty More Fish!

We are so thrilled you both found happiness through our site  and all of us at Plenty More Fish wish you both a long and very happy future together. You are proof that love can find you more than once in life.

If you are still looking for that special someone, why not give us a try? We have three dating ponds for you to choose from. Our Single Pond is aimed at singles from 18-45, our Silver Pond offers dating for the over 40’s and our Naughty Pond is something for the more adventurous among you. Registration on all ponds is FREE, so you can browse for singles in your area right away.

What are you waiting for? Go and cast your net at www.plentymorefish.com.

Happy Dating! x

Spring is here! Time for new beginnings!

Girl with laptop

This morning the Earth drifted through an astronomical checkpoint marking the official start of spring in the northern hemisphere. Everyone at Plenty More HQ is looking forward to longer and hopefully sunnier days. Bet you are too.

Spring means the rebirth of fauna and flora. The birds are singing and the bees buzzing and we all start to feel more alive. Love is in the air and if you are single, this is the best time to up your game and get yourself noticed. So out with the old, in with the new as they say. Change your look, do something you’ve always wanted to do or stop something that no longer makes you happy. ‘Cause as we keep saying, happy peeps are seriously attractive.

So, how do you ramp up your phwoar-factor?

Spring Tip No 1: Try new things

It’s not very enticing to get out and do things during the dark and damp winter months, but as the days are getting longer this is the ideal time to try something you haven’t tried before. Get out of your rut and into something new. Doing something different puts the ZING back into your life and gives you something exciting to talk about on your dating profile. And who knows, Mr/Ms Right might find that particular subject really interesting.

Spring Tip No 2: Do things differently

It’s easy to get into habits. But how boring is that? Routines may be comforting, but doing the same things day in day out, will give you the same results. Changing your routine will spice things up again, give you a different perspective and get you to notice new things and people again. So when you are online, try a new search, change your profile, add new photos and go on dates with different types of people. Broaden your horizons and maybe that special someone you’ve been looking for was there all along, you just didn’t see.

Spring Tip No 3: Let go

Letting go of past hurt is one of the best ways to increasing happiness and bringing that joie de vivre back. Dwelling in the past will keep you firmly there, so let go and give yourself permission to move on. Remember? This is a new beginning.

Spring Tip No 4: Be positive

Dates gone wrong or a lack of dates can be disheartening and frustrating. But hang in there and don’t take it personal. Everything happens for a reason so try to find the positive lessons to take away and then cast your net again….remember, there’s plenty more fish in the sea! 😉

Spring Tip No 5: Fall in love

…with yourself. Being in tune with who you are and knowing what you want in life is one of the most attractive qualities a person can posses. So in the words of Nat King Cole: “Let there be love!”

Here’s to new beginnings and finding love and happiness this spring!

If you liked today’s post please let us know. Get in touch or leave us a comment. x 

Success with Plenty More Fish

Lizzie and RichardI read Richard’s profile and instantly thought he sounded like the man for me. I approached him and we spoke on the message service a few times. After a few false starts we persevered and finally met up and I was right, we are perfect for each other. I live in SW London and Richard in Windsor but we try and spend as much time together as possible, we love each other’s company and spend most of our time laughing. If you can believe in love at first sight, then this is it. We are already planning our future together.

Lizzie & Richard

Thank you Lizzie for sending us your success story. There’s no better feeling than being in love, is there? We hope it may never end and wish you both a very happy future together!

If you too believe in love at first sight, why not give Plenty More Fish a go? Who knows, Mr/Ms Right could be waiting for you right now!

Registration is easy and best of all FREE! Click here and meet singles in your area.

Success with Plenty More Silver Fish

Don and PartnerIf it hadn’t been for your site I would never have met my fiancée who I adore and love so much! After being on your site for a couple of months I eventually received a lovely message from my new partner. We spoke on the phone and then had a wonderful day out together, enjoying a meal and a walk in the park, getting to know one another. Since then we have hardly been apart and are extremely happy. We are planning to get married later in the year. Our families think it’s so lovely that we met and are so happy together.

So we would like to let other people know that your site can be successful and bring people together. Thank you for everything!

Don & Partner

Nothing makes us happier than to read such lovely emails as the one Don just sent us. We are so glad you found each other and wish you an amazing future together. Remember to send us a couple of wedding pics!

Love from your Plenty More Fish team! xxx

Date Destination

Calling all adventurers and outdoorsy folk. Well, basically anyone who would like to leave the beaten track behind, get away from it all and doesn’t mind sharing their patio with the local squirrel gang.

Our Date Destination this month is for you more established couples out there rather than those in the first date stages. So if you and your sweetheart are after an unusual and romantic retreat, look no further. Check out the Woodman’s Hut, a rare and secluded hideaway settled in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park of the Scottish Highlands. Isn’t this cute?

Woodman's Hut, Cairngorms National Park, Scottish Highlands

Head over to their website for more details about the hut and for info on how to book.

Personally we think this has got to be a winner, but what do you think? Is this your definition of a romantic getaway or would you rather eat pine cones? 

Dating Idea of the Month

The Tango is undoubtedly the most passionate of all dances. It tells the story of a couple expressing an element of romance in their synchronized movements. So what better way than to spend an evening wiggling to Tango music?

“But I have two left feet!”, I hear you shout? Don’t worry, all you will need to do is tap you foot and jiggle in your chair as you watch former World Champions and Strictly Come Dancing Stars, Vincent and Flavia,  strut their stuff on stage. They are joined by ten of the finest tango dancers in the world, plus internationally renowned tango band, Tango Siempre. Produced by the UK’s acclaimed choreographer, Arlene Phillips, this breath-taking production fuses dazzling choreography with intoxicating Tango rhythms.

Sounds tempting? Better be quick then! The show which is taking place at the Phoenix Theatre in London  finishes on March, 2nd. Tickets start from £10 per Person.

More details can be found at www.midnighttango.co.uk.

Remember to tell us how it went, simply comment or email us. 

Happy Dating x

Utterly Unromantic Valentine’s Day Messages

Hello Fellow Daters!

Right then, anyone here counting down the hours to the annual highlight of the love calendar?

Valentine’s Day is only one more sleep away and some of you may whoop with anticipation. Others may be indifferent and some of you may be downright opposed to it. Whichever camp you fall into, we thought we’d give Valentine’s Day a more humorous spin. So we scoured the Tinterweb and compiled the most unromantic (and perhaps a little offensive) love messages we could find. Why you ask? Well, to make you chuckle of course.  Our motto is to bring fun to dating after all.

This what made us laugh and cringe in equal measures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have you ever received a more ‘unusual’ Valentine’s message you would like to share with us? You know what to do – comment or email us

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!


PS: Still looking for your Valentine? Head over to one of our ponds and find eligible singles in your area today.

Date Inspiration of the Month – February


What could be more romantic than to look up at the sky and hope to catch a shooting star?

Inspired by the BBC’s Stargazing Series, we have voted stargazing as our Date Inspiration of the Month. It’s absolutely perfect for a date. It’s dark, cold and you get a stiff neck from looking up. Huh? Think about it!  Ideal conditions for you to offer your date a warm hug and/or a neck massage ;-). You are welcome.

To make it extra special, pack a thermos with hot chocolate (and perhaps a little brandy) and those yummy mini marshmallows. Who wouldn’t like that? And remember to wrap up warm, pack waterproofs and a warm blanket to lie on and lay down next to your boo for when you are looking up at the sky. This saves the neck and is more intimate. And if you want to score some extra geek points, you could even make your own telescope. Or better make it together before you head out.

There are many events taking place around the country this weekend, so be sure to check out the Stargazing Live website for happenings near your area.

You will be sure you to learn something new whilst pondering the mysteries of the universe and how small we are in comparison. Pretty powerful stuff if you ask me. And if all else fails, you can always phone home. Get it? E.T. phone home. No? Oh well, we do try.

Happy Dating!

Maz x

Hilarious retro dating videos

Fancy a giggle? We have compiled some awesomely (unintentionally) funny old school dating videos for your entertainment.

We came across these on YouTube and and have supplied you with only the very best. So sit back, relax, enjoy and thank your lucky stars that dating sites are nothing like this!


“life is a playground and I want someone to play with”… Oh dear. What an unfortunate chat up line…


“Definitely, Definitely NO GLASSES”



“Surprise Surprise!”

I mean, how could I go without mentioning Blind Date?

I hope you enjoyed these as much as me. Please let me know if you can think of any others to add to my collection! 🙂

6 Easy Ways to Increase Your Chances…

We want to make sure our members make the most of their memberships, so we thought we’d offer a bit of help.

We understand how easy it is to lose track of what great features are available on Plenty More Fish, so here’s a quick reminder of what makes us the best dating site around…


1. Advanced Search

Be as specific as you want – search for your perfect partner using up to 20 different types of preferences including age, location, height, appearance, lifestyle, background, hobbies… the list goes on and on… and on!!!

ONLINE2. Who’s Online

See who’s logged in at the same time as you and send them an Instant Message to get chatting in the quickest time possible. With no need to wait around for a reply, you could even end up with an instant date.

VIDEO3. Video Profiles

Introduce yourself to other Members face-to-face by recording a short video clip about yourself. It’s like having a profile and a photo all-in-one, and other members will also be able to see that you’re 100% genuine.

ICEBREAKER4. Ice Breakers

Once you’ve found other members who fit what you’re looking for, you can introduce yourself to them all in one go by sending your own personal Ice Breaker message to get the conversation started.

INBOX5. Inbox Tools

Choose whether to see all your incoming contacts in one place, or list Winks, Messages, Favourites and Gifts separately. And don’t forget you can also filter out contacts from people you’re not interested in.

MORE6. And Much More…

There are lots more ways that Plenty More Fish can help you find who and what you’re looking for, such as Dating Diaries, Personality Tests,  Recommended Members and all sorts of E-mail Notifications to let you know when you’ve caught someone’s attention.

Don’t Forget…

If you’ve got any questions our wonderful Customer Care team are available online and on the phone, right here in the UK, every weekday from 9am to 5:30pm, on 0800 987 5555.

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