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Is age just a number?

Madonna & Brahim, Demi & Ashton and Clooney & Stacy are just a few celebrity couples with large age gaps. The media tend to make a huge deal about age gaps and fob it off as some kind of publicity stunt. Surely if they are happy then age shouldn’t matter? I mean, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have been married for 6 years now so to call this a publicity stunt would be ridiculous.

I couldn’t help thinking though, in the ‘real world’ can relationships really work when couples have an age gap of 20 years or so? As nice as the saying “age is just a number” is, is 20 years perhaps just too much of an age difference to share common interests and similarities which can often form the base of a relationship?

I’m curious as to what our members think. How much of an age gap is TOO much. Answer in our poll below!

Best Relationship Matches (according to Twitter!)

If you’re on Twitter you’ll notice that “Best Relationship Matches” is one of the top trends and has been for some time. We have been busy mooching through a load of your tweets and picked the most popular matches as told by you.

Have a look and see if you agree!

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Do you agree? Have the twitterers missed anyone out? Let us know!

Plenty More Fish UK 

Does age matter?

With the age gap in relationships becoming less and less important in the celebrity world (Madonna and Jesus Luz, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher…) We asked our tweeps on Twitter whether age gaps would matter to them.

Here’s what we found:

In a relationship, how much does the age gap matter? (in this case the gap is 10 years)

  • Many people suggested that 10 years age difference was OK providing the man was older than the women
  • 25% stated that age doesn’t matter at all
  • 16% said it depended on personality rather than age.

So these were our top answers. Anything surprise you? No one mentioned that the woman should be older than the man. Men, would you go out with an older women? Women, do you think you would date a younger guy? Madonna quite clearly didn’t add her view to this poll! 😛

Happy Fishin’

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