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We’re a demanding bunch…apparently

Like most days, today started with the usual skimming of the metro on the train. This time however, I came across an interesting piece which I thought I should share with our plenty more fish members!

According to the article, we are pretty demanding when choosing a partner. Here are the 15 dating demands that were picked up on.

(Dating demands not views of plenty more fish!)

  1. 82% of women aged 25-50 said it was very important for their boyfriend to have a responsible, well-paid job.
  2. 79% of men aged 25-50 said they prefer a girl to be at least three inches shorter than them
  3. 48% won’t date anyone with a weird voice….. (I don’t know whether they mean squeeky, high-pitched, deep…strange demand!)
  4. 47% would run a mile with an overly loud laugh
  5. 42% said a plus was a date who was green/environmentally conscious
  6. 16% of men aged 25-50 asked that the woman not pick her feet in front of him
  7. 15% of women say they do not want to see the words “bottle of wine” and “DVD” in a man’s profile
  8. 13% said good shoes are essential
  9. 11% of men asked that their date loves superman movies
  10. 11% of men said a gum-chewing women was a deal breaker
  11. 10% of women would get a cab home if their date can’t dance
  12. 6% of women aged 25-50 said their man must never eat peanut butter
  13. 5% of women say their man must hate Marmite
  14. 4% of men did not want a woman who plucked out her eyebrows and then drew on them
  15. 3% of women asked that their man not eat leftover pizza the next morning
So many demands!
We’ve all been known to eat leftover pizza the next morning…haven’t we?
We strongly believe that there’s someone out there for everyone and if someone doesn’t like your marmite and peanut butter loving self then so what?! Plenty more fish in the sea!

When should you meet in person?

Suggesting when to meet in person is tricky for me to say as it’s bound to differ for everyone. I will however try and give you a rough indication of when I think it’s about time for that first date.

It may start with a wink and a few messages here and there and then, before you know it, you’re messaging each other every day and perhaps more. This shows that you are both clear in your emotions and should definitely swap numbers and arrange to meet. It’s pointless wasting any more time throwing messages back and forth. You need to get out there to find out whether you’re attracted to them offline. If so, great! If not, plenty more fish in the sea!

As a dating site we strongly believe that although we offer a great big pond of lovely singles, we cannot match you. This is for you to decide when you meet up!

Internet Dating

So how do you “pop the question?” …and we’re talking about a date here, not marriage!

One of our favourite ways to ask a date out online is to use their hobbies and interests as a starting point. They may list travelling as one of their interests. They may even list Italy as their favourite country. In this is the case, you could say something along the lines of; “I know this great Italian Restaurant in town, do you fancy going on Saturday night?”  Pretty casual and not so daunting.

There, hope this helps! Remember to put as much detail into your profile as you can. You will sound interesting, plus, it makes it easier for potential dates to contact you!

Is cuddling more important to men?

Contrary to previous assumptions, a brand new study indicates that when in a long term relationship, men rate kissing and cuddling more importantly than than women.

The study included more than 1,000 couples from five countries. All were between 40 and 70 and all were in a relationship for an average of 25 years.

Men who told the researchers that kissing and cuddling were a regular part of their relationship were on average THREE times happier than those who did not. Women on the other hand, who are almost always portrayed as the more tactile sex, told researchers that kissing and cuddling had little effect on their happiness.

Please click here for the full article in the telegraph….

Interesting stuff. I’ve got to say though, here at the plenty more towers we are a little unsure…everyone likes a hug, don’t they?!  How far do you agree with it?

5 things to consider when writing your dating profile

For many people, writing a dating profile can be a daunting and tricky process. Only last night, I was helping a friend set up her profile and she was SO concious of sounding “big- headed.”  I had to continuously tell her that you are in fact, trying to sell yourself – similar to that of a C.V. You have to describe yourself in a positive light or who will want to employ (or in her case, date) you?

Anyway, we got there in the end!  I strongly believe you can write a cracking profile description without sounding full of yourself! It’s do-able. Just follow our 5 tips for a stand- out profile.

  1. Always focus on the positives. Someone who sees the glass half full rather than half empty is extremely attractive. Refrain from portraying yourself as desperate. Making comments like; “is there ANYBODY out there?” can come across as very impersonal, as well as desperate.
  2. Ask a good friend to help you. This is probably one of my top tips. Your friends will have absolutely no problem describing all the great things about you. You can even get them to spell check it while they’re there! If it’s easier you could eve  put; “my friends would describe me as a…., b….., c…..”
  3. Upload a clear, recent photo of yourself. Make sure your picture is clear. Make sure it’s of you and not your pet. Definitely don’t upload a picture with an ex clearly cut out of it. Check out our tips for the perfect profile picture.
  4. Enough info in your description to help start a conversation…yes. A biography…no. Leave some to the imagination. You do not need to tell everyone why you dislike your ex or about your undying love for your cat. This can come later if you get to know each other well enough.
  5. What do you find attractive? Ask yourself what you find attractive in other peoples profiles and try to do something similar in yours! Simple 🙂
Hope this helps! Anything I’ve missed? Just leave a comment below.
Thanks for reading, plentymorefish.com

Greatest marriage proposal ever?

We don’t usually get all soppy on you but after seeing this rather elaborate marriage proposal we just felt we HAD to share!

To anyone who dislikes a slushy story…LOOK AWAY NOW… To the rest of you, enjoy!

Thank goodness she said yes!

What makes #agoodboyfriend or #agoodgirlfriend?

Twitter peeps (AKA Tweeps :)) have most recently been describing the attributes of a good boyfriend/girlfriend. We decided to do a little research and find out exactly what people think this means.

So, according to some great tweeps here’s what makes a good boyfriend:

Great advice ladies, especially the one about squishing  mouldy sandwiches into your hair- that’s not an attractive quality!

Now over to the guys. What do you look for in a good girlfriend…?

So that’s what the twitter folk are saying right now. Pssstt.. Maybe fella number 2 would have a good girlfriend if he were a little tidier 😉

MATCHMAKER ALERT. We think we have made a match made in heaven here. To the guy looking for a #goodgirlfriend, we think you would totally get on with the lady wishing to find a #goodboyfriend. Our work is done here…*skips off* 🙂

“Would like to meet: The truth about internet dating”

Wow! Finally, an article revealing the real truth about online dating!

The sooner dating sites start becoming more honest with their members, the better!

We are positive that many dating sites would disprove of some of the comments made by Rhodri Marsden but to everyone @ PlentyMoreFish, he’s absolutely spot on.

Our research shows that most people don’t respond that well to the “hearts and flowers” approach adopted by the big players. You simply can’t expect a computer to match you with your future partner, you can only measure how well you match with a person through the chemistry on an actual date. Too many companies focus on this computerized “matching”.

We love the way this article describes online dating as a lottery. Online dating is simply another platform for dating, it’s a numbers game and hasn’t got any power over meeting someone in a bar. Oh, apart from allowing members a greater choice of potential dates… and perhaps without the beer goggles 😛

“In 1966, The Supremes explained to us that you can’t hurry love. Sixteen years later Phil Collins concurred: “You just have to wait,” he sang, additionally noting that love don’t come easy. Those words of wisdom still apply, and particularly so if you’re one of those participating in the seemingly eternal worry-go-round of internet dating.

The adverts for such services, featuring blissfully happy couples pushing each other on swings, would have us believe otherwise. eHarmony likes to stress how many members get married as a result of being matched via the service (236 every day, according to data gathered in the US in 2008.) Match.com did a survey last year indicating that an impressive 58,500 people found a partner on the site over a 12-month period – and they still offer a six-month guarantee of “finding love”, albeit underlined (understandably) by a 500-word list of conditions.” Read more…


Creature Feature!

Earlier I was having a gander through our wonderful members and alongside the usual great catches I found some members posing with their pets or other creatures  in their profile pictures. So I thought…what better than to publish the best pictures in a creature feature so everyone could see!

So here they are…

Happy Fishin’!

Catch of the day

Meet Bev!

Bev, 39

Bev, 39 is a self employed photographer so I think we can safely say she is a creative, energetic and focused kind of girl!

She loves her social life and is “happiest around family and friends.”

So what is she looking for? She has a “good sense of humour and love[s] to laugh and is looking for someone who “makes me laugh and who I can laugh with”.

Think you can make Bev Giggle? She admits that she is pretty new to this online dating thing so why not help her out and make sure she doesn’t feel like a fish out of water and send her a message today!

Well, what are you waiting for?!

Catch of the day

Meet Ben!


Ben, 45


Ben, 45 is an extremely passionate guy. He says he is a “loving, caring gentleman and knows how to treat a lady as a ladyHe is the kind of guy who knows exactly what he wants and that is “Someone that captures my heart with just her smile and her inner beauty. I am looking for an intelligent, compassionate, passionate, fun lady to go out with.”

Ladies, do you fancy being utterly pampered? Ben really enjoys cooking…so maybe a fantastic home made meal is on the cards for a date?! Yum!

Ben assures us that he does not out looking for “the one” but believes that if it happens, it happens! We like this laid back approach to dating! However, in the long run he is hoping to “find that special lady”

Could you be Ben’s special lady? Why not get in touch with him today?

Well, what are you waiting for?!

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