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10 Of The Best Marriage Proposals Caught On Camera

Tissues at the ready. We’ve been scouring the internet and have found (what we think may be) the 10 best marriage proposals caught on camera. Saying that, if you come across any you think should make the list please add in a comment below!

1. Unexpected Cinema Trailer Proposal

2. Fallen Head Over Heals!

3. Central Park Proposal

4. A Disneyland Proposal

5. A “Surprising” Marriage Proposal

6. Engagement on the set of Scrubs

7. Weatherman Proposal

8. Circus Performer Proposal

9. Rooftop Proposal

10. Old Spice Marriage Proposal

Best Relationship Matches (according to Twitter!)

If you’re on Twitter you’ll notice that “Best Relationship Matches” is one of the top trends and has been for some time. We have been busy mooching through a load of your tweets and picked the most popular matches as told by you.

Have a look and see if you agree!

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Do you agree? Have the twitterers missed anyone out? Let us know!

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