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Success with Plenty More Fish

Gary-and-Julie“I joined the site and found someone within two weeks! Gary contacted me as he recognised me from 30 years ago and realised we used to go out in a foursome when we were in our twenties.

He had changed considerably and I didn’t recognise him, but when I realised who he was we chatted for a week, then met up. We had lots to chat about and got on really well and have seen each other on a regular basis ever since.

We even went on a holiday together within two months of getting together, we went to Majorca for a week and got on really well.”

Gary & Julie

Thank you Julie for sending us your story. So lovely to hear you met again through our site after all these years. One could say it was meant to be :-). We hope you have a happy and long future together!

Love from all the team at Plentymorefish x

Maz x

Success with Plenty More Fish

Sarah-and-Rob“I first contacted Rob just as we were both about to give up. We messaged each other for a week, then decided to meet up. Our first date was at the Mall in Bristol, where I was treated to a McDonald’s! From that day we have clicked and laughed.

Rob lived in Wales and I am from Bristol. He would come over each weekend and he met my two boys who he hit it off with straight away. I then met his 3 children and his parents and we have all got on so well together.

In August Rob got a new job in Bristol and moved in with me and we are hoping to get married on a beach in Cyprus.”

Sarah & Rob

Thank you guys for sharing your lovely story. It goes to show that a) you should never give up on love and b) the way to a girl’s heart is through fast food. 😉 Well, it certainly worked for this lovely couple.

We wish you both a wonderful and very happy future together. Please remember to send us some wedding pics!

Love from us all at x

Success with Plentymorefish

Happy Friday Daters!

We’ve received another success story, this time from the lovely Caroline. She send us this email describing how she and Stephen met on Plentymorefish

Needless to say we are thrilled for you guys and wish you a wonderful and happy future together! x

“When Stephen winked at me from 185 miles away, I saw how fun he looked in his picture and I replied, we only exchanged a couple of emails before he gave me his phone number. We spoke on the phone daily and through the next few weeks arranged to meet for the first time.

Well, we had the best weekend of our lives; we were so comfortable and happy around each other. The only bad part of it was having to part ways! Now we’ve spent several weekends together, met kids, and have plans to spend Christmas together and he’s even planned a surprise event in Scotland for my birthday next April! ” 

Caroline & Stephen 

Success with Plenty More Fish

image of a couple named Rhona and Tony

“I was having a friend stay over for a night and we were having a drink (as one does) when with friends and she suggested I try the dating site as I don’t go out much and thought I was going to be on my own for the rest of my days. We were having a good laugh looking at some men and imagining what it would be like to be dating some.  I waited a few weeks before I plucked up the courage to join and really in the beginning Tony didn’t jump out at me as my date!! We sent messages for a few weeks then I sent my mobile number (safer) and then we met up on the local beach with my dog and went for a long and very lovely walk. We had such fun together it was fabulous being happy again. Thankfully for me he loves my dog, as we are a package, that was the deal from the outset ;-). We have now bought a house together and are moving in on 19th October together for a long and very happy life x x” Rhonda &  Tony

All at Plenty More Fish are so happy for you and wish you both a wonderful and blessed future together xxx

Success with Plenty More Fish


Congratulations to John and Eleanor on finding each other on Plenty More Fish UK and thank you for sharing your story with us! 

John first contacted me through the site in April, I sent him a wink to let him know I was interested, but did not reply until June, when I became a full member. We corresponded every day and made a date to meet in July and got on very well.

We could talk to each other about anything and we had a good laugh together. We have been dating since and the relationship is going very well.

We are both aged 49, so companionship at our age is very important. We would like to thank you for helping us meet!

John & Eleanor

We are very pleased for you both and wish you continued happiness!

Have you found what you were looking for on Plenty More Fish? Please get in touch. Send us an email on – include a pic if you can and we’ll give you a shout-out!

Happy dating, Maz x

Success with Plenty More Fish

image of a couple“At present Nigel and I live 80 miles apart but we see each other every weekend when he comes to me and I try to see him during the week to coincide with his day off. Although I have only been down to him a few times since we’ve been together he has never complained once but at the moment I am making arrange-ments to be with him more often. We have shared many trips, days out that we have thoroughly enjoyed and have plenty of pictures to look back on. We are enjoying each others company and miss each other a lot when apart so make the most of our time together. We have met each others families and all think we are a good match so I’d like to personally thank you guys for bringing us together. All I can say now is I hope that other people have the same luck as we did and that they find their matches.” Carolyne and Nigel

Long distance relationships can work as Carolyne and Nigel demonstrate. It takes commitment but that’s what relationships are all about, aren’t they? The PlentyMoreFish Team wish you both a very happy and long future together! x

Success with Plenty More Fish

image of a woman and a man “Basically, it all started with a wink!!!! I saw James’s picture pop up and it went from there. I sent the wink, he replied, we exchanged a couple of light-hearted emails whereby we both realised we had the same sense of humour and a week or so later we met for dinner. I had met a number of guys prior to James but none of them had made me feel the ‘Wow’ feeling inside! However, within moments of meeting James, it was clear that I found the man I had been looking for!!! We had a fabulous evening together and arranged to meet again at the weekend. We went on an action packed date, riding Segways through the forest, and the following week we went to the racing at Goodwood. Things were clearly going really well and within three weeks we had booked a holiday to Santorini. That was the best thing we could have done, we had a fabulous time and are now looking forward to a happy future!!! Yay! Big thanks to Plentymorefish!!” Victoria & James

Messages like these make us so happy and also swell with pride knowing our site helped two people find love. We are bouncing with joy that Victoria and James have both found someone special and we wish the lovely couple all the best and a long and happy future together. x

Success with Plenty More Fish

picture of a couple“In terms of how we met, my picture/profile flashed up whilst Sue was browsing and she added me as a favourite which of course alerted my inbox. I contacted Sue to ask what I’d done to deserve such an honour of being one of her favourites? We exchanged some messages over a period of a few weeks and then arranged to meet up. We were very lucky in terms of how we met but I have to say your matching process in terms of the data base is what really did the trick because since the day we met we have both said we clearly were destined to meet as we are the soul mate both never had previously until your site brought us together. The picture is from a recent Ball we went to which was our first real public engagement…” Sue and Dave

Thank you Dave for sending us your story. It’s so sweet and we are very happy for you both. Long may it continue! xxx

Success with Plenty More Fish

image of a couple

Meet Brian and Bev who met in our Singles pond on Plenty More Fish. Brian sent us these lines on how they met:

I had quiet a few ladies who viewed my profile but the one who caught my eye was Bev, we started with sending messages, then swapped phone numbers from there. We have met twice now both times we got on very well. This coming Friday she has invited me to her friends birthday party which I have accepted. We only live a short distance away from one another. The future looks bright but no wedding bells just yet. Once again thank you, great site.”  

Don’t they make a lovely couple? We are very happy for you both and wish you a wonderful future together. x

Success with Plenty More Fish – Meet Nikki and Jerry

photo of a couple called Nikki and Jerry“This is myself (Jerry) and the fantastic person I met online (Nikki). It’s only been six weeks but so much has happened so fast. We met up in the second week of knowing about each other and have been going from strength to strength. It seems like we are two of a kind, we have found out that we have so much in common it’s quite surreal!! We both have children and they all get along wonderfully. It’s great to feel like part of a proper family again after thinking for so long that we would not find anybody to share our lives with. We make each other laugh all the time and when we get to see each other the time just flies by!! We both can see and have talked about a long and happy future together…Thank you for bringing Nikki and I together.”

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