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Success with Plenty More Fish – Part 2

Remember last Tuesday when we posted Tim & Sherrie’s story? Well, that was Tim’s version of events, and now it’s time to share Sherrie’s.

Sherrie & TimI really thought going on a date site wasn’t for me. All I can say is I have met the most amazing man and I haven’t been so happy for many years. I started speaking to Tim just after new years day. Tim would wink and I would do the same. After a few weeks I gave up, then out of the blue, Tim asked me if I wanted to meet. A week later we met at London Bridge 27 Jan 13 at midday, Tim wanted the day to be special. We went on to Covent garden, well the day was special. We were like kids again, I have not felt so comfortable in a long time, it was magic. After spending 10 hours together, we text the next day and been together ever since.

We are going on holiday soon, I’ve meet the parents and Tim’s kids. We plan to go to the North East soon, so Tim can meet my family. Tim has also been invited to my sister’s wedding next years, so fingers crossed we might be next [Maz: keeping our fingers firmly crossed for you two].

I’m not a person to fall in love, but when we met a London Bridge, it was magic. For the first time in my life, I’m really happy.

Thank You,  Sherrie and Tim xx

We love that both took the time to write in and share their story will us all. We are thrilled for you both and wish you a wonderful time and long and happy future.


Your Plenty More Fish team xxx

Success with Plenty More Fish

Hello everyone!

Time to spread the luurve and share another success story with you. Say ‘Hi’ to Tim and Sherrie who met on Plenty More Fish!

Tim and sherrie

 I decided that I was at the stage in my life where I felt ready to move on, my wife passed away late 2010. I posted up to date photos, a totally honest profile and used the sites messaging service to begin with, trying to be interesting but also interested in the people I was talking to. Luckily I seemed to hit it off with one person in particular (Sherrie). Within a week we had swapped phone numbers and were talking most nights. We agreed to meet and went for lunch in Covent Garden. We had a great time and actually spent the whole afternoon and evening together! We have been in regular contact since.

Tim & Sherrie

We love Tim’s positive attitude toward dating and it looks like it paid off. We hope you guys have a great future together.


Maz & Plenty More Fish Team x

Success with Plenty More Silver Fish


A little ping just announced the arrival of this wonderful message sent to us by Anne who met her John on Plenty More Silver Fish. Sadly she didn’t send us a picture but this is what she wrote:

I joined the site one year ago, after being alone for several years following an unpleasant divorce and many years alone.  I started to enjoy exchanging correspondence through the site with many nice sounding men but none that I felt attracted enough to meet. Then I saw John’s picture and profile.  His picture was of a nice looking man, obviously taken on a holiday, sitting relaxed at an outside beach café.  His profile told me he was a widower who had been married for over 40 years and lost his wife very suddenly.  I liked the way he worded his profile, with total respect of his marriage and his wife.  I sent him a message although he lived some 30 miles from me.  It was a while before he responded, and then for several weeks we sent brief messages.  Then eventually he asked if I would like to meet him for a drink. It was the first time I thought Yes I will do this.  We met in a pub car-park very near to me, I was very nervous, we had a nice evening, conversation was easy and flowed.  Before the end of the evening he asked me if I would like to meet again and I said yes.  We dated once a week for a month then John was away on a months holiday. I realised I missed him and he phoned several times.  When he returned he came straight to see me and we fell into each others arms.  From then on we spent more and more time together, met each others families.  And we are now moving into a home together and planning our futures. I can honestly say that John has wiped out all my unhappy memories of my marriage breakup.  Although John retains loving memories of his long happy marriage he tells me he feels re-born and looks forward to our future years together. We are both now retiring and ready to experience a new life together. Thank you Plenty More Fish!

We are so thrilled you both found happiness through our site  and all of us at Plenty More Fish wish you both a long and very happy future together. You are proof that love can find you more than once in life.

If you are still looking for that special someone, why not give us a try? We have three dating ponds for you to choose from. Our Single Pond is aimed at singles from 18-45, our Silver Pond offers dating for the over 40’s and our Naughty Pond is something for the more adventurous among you. Registration on all ponds is FREE, so you can browse for singles in your area right away.

What are you waiting for? Go and cast your net at

Happy Dating! x

Success with Plenty More Fish

Lizzie and RichardI read Richard’s profile and instantly thought he sounded like the man for me. I approached him and we spoke on the message service a few times. After a few false starts we persevered and finally met up and I was right, we are perfect for each other. I live in SW London and Richard in Windsor but we try and spend as much time together as possible, we love each other’s company and spend most of our time laughing. If you can believe in love at first sight, then this is it. We are already planning our future together.

Lizzie & Richard

Thank you Lizzie for sending us your success story. There’s no better feeling than being in love, is there? We hope it may never end and wish you both a very happy future together!

If you too believe in love at first sight, why not give Plenty More Fish a go? Who knows, Mr/Ms Right could be waiting for you right now!

Registration is easy and best of all FREE! Click here and meet singles in your area.

Success with Plenty More Silver Fish

Don and PartnerIf it hadn’t been for your site I would never have met my fiancée who I adore and love so much! After being on your site for a couple of months I eventually received a lovely message from my new partner. We spoke on the phone and then had a wonderful day out together, enjoying a meal and a walk in the park, getting to know one another. Since then we have hardly been apart and are extremely happy. We are planning to get married later in the year. Our families think it’s so lovely that we met and are so happy together.

So we would like to let other people know that your site can be successful and bring people together. Thank you for everything!

Don & Partner

Nothing makes us happier than to read such lovely emails as the one Don just sent us. We are so glad you found each other and wish you an amazing future together. Remember to send us a couple of wedding pics!

Love from your Plenty More Fish team! xxx

Success with Plenty More Fish

chris-and-mariaCongratulations to Chris and Maria on finding each other on Plenty More Fish! 

Chris just sent us this wonderful email:

Maria and I met on the site and everything is going great. We are so happy that we have found each other and without  your site this just would not have been possible.

I first joined the site as my wife left me and I wanted friendship, hoping for more. I found the site easy to use and then one day I got a wink from Maria. After chatting online for hours we met the next evening and hit it off straight away. It’s been nearly 2 months now and we have fallen in love. I know the future will be wonderful and I hope people using this site don’t give up. There is someone for everyone.

Chris & Maria

Thanks guys for sending us your story. We love, love, love to hear them.

If you have a success story you wish to share, please send us an email.

Success With Plenty More Silver Fish

Peter and ChristineWe just received this wonderful email from Peter and Christine who met in our Silver Pond here on Plenty More Fish.

“After a wink to Christine on the site we started emailing from the beginning of Dec 2012, a few emails later we quickly found that we had so much in common. Christine is an amateur artist and I own an art gallery. Then there is Christine’s love of photography and I am a photographer selling my own work in my gallery and digital prints. Our holiday interests and places are the same as well, it just went on and on. I then asked to meet for the first time on New Years Day 2013 and we spent the whole afternoon and evening together walking and talking and enjoying lunch and coffees.

We have already booked a holiday in September to our favourite holiday island and are planning our future together, including me publishing Christine’s work in my art gallery.

So, to the Plenty More Fish Team our deepest thanks!”

Peter & Christine

It seems this is a match made in heaven! We are so happy you found each other and that we could help make it possible. We hope you have the most wonderful future together.


Maz & The Team at Plenty More Fish

Success with Plenty More Fish

Graham-and-Laura“Laura contacted me in early July using the site and we got talking from there. It was obvious early on we had lots in common, both being teachers, both having daughters of similar age and both having the same grate sense of humour. I know early on we both started to get a sense we were very compatible so we arranged to meet for a meal halfway between our current locations.

The date went perfectly, a glorious summer evening, a lovely pub garden and fantastic food. We laughed lots, talked loads and shared our first kiss. Since then we’ve met up when we can, and we are both looking forward to a great future together.

Thank you for making this possible!”

Graham & Laura x

It is entirely our pleasure Graham. That’s why we are here! We hope you have a amazingly happy future together.


Maz & The Plenty More Fish Team

Psst, you too could find that special someone on Plenty More Fish. Get online and give us a try. 

Success with Plenty More Fish

Phil-and-Jane“Phil and I met in October last year. Phil lost his partner in March completely unexpectedly. He has a 2 year old son from that relationship and a 10 year old son from a previous relationship. I have 11 and 15 year old daughters from my previous marriage. We met after meeting on the site and saw each other every day that week. We fell for each other very quickly, the photo was taken recently at the Winter Wonderland in London. We complement each other really well, we love cooking and having a laugh and being with our children. You can see how happy we are together.”

Jane & Phil

We can certainly see how happy you are Jane and are so glad you found each other! Wishing you both a wonderful and happy future together.

You too can find success on What are you waiting for?

Maz & the PlentyMoreFish Team xxx

Success with Plentymorefish

Linda-and-Neil“We spent the first couple of weeks just chatting online, then progressed to texting and then talking on the phone. Our first meet was at a model show, Wings and Wheels, at North Weald in Essex.

We live over a hundred miles apart and that is not a problem as we have spent nearly every weekend together, as Neil says, “distance is only a measurement.”

We have been lucky from the start; we both have the same sense of humour and the same outlook on life. We are both looking forward to a great future together.”

Linda & Neil

We completely agree with Neil’s comment that “distance is only a measurement” and believe that true love knows no limits.

We are so happy for you both and wish you an incredible and happy future together.

Love from everyone at Plenty More Fish! x

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