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We’re a demanding bunch…apparently

Like most days, today started with the usual skimming of the metro on the train. This time however, I came across an interesting piece which I thought I should share with our plenty more fish members!

According to the article, we are pretty demanding when choosing a partner. Here are the 15 dating demands that were picked up on.

(Dating demands not views of plenty more fish!)

  1. 82% of women aged 25-50 said it was very important for their boyfriend to have a responsible, well-paid job.
  2. 79% of men aged 25-50 said they prefer a girl to be at least three inches shorter than them
  3. 48% won’t date anyone with a weird voice….. (I don’t know whether they mean squeeky, high-pitched, deep…strange demand!)
  4. 47% would run a mile with an overly loud laugh
  5. 42% said a plus was a date who was green/environmentally conscious
  6. 16% of men aged 25-50 asked that the woman not pick her feet in front of him
  7. 15% of women say they do not want to see the words “bottle of wine” and “DVD” in a man’s profile
  8. 13% said good shoes are essential
  9. 11% of men asked that their date loves superman movies
  10. 11% of men said a gum-chewing women was a deal breaker
  11. 10% of women would get a cab home if their date can’t dance
  12. 6% of women aged 25-50 said their man must never eat peanut butter
  13. 5% of women say their man must hate Marmite
  14. 4% of men did not want a woman who plucked out her eyebrows and then drew on them
  15. 3% of women asked that their man not eat leftover pizza the next morning
So many demands!
We’ve all been known to eat leftover pizza the next morning…haven’t we?
We strongly believe that there’s someone out there for everyone and if someone doesn’t like your marmite and peanut butter loving self then so what?! Plenty more fish in the sea!

First date mood killers

So you’re on a date in a restaurant and it’s going brilliantly, there’s an instant attraction and you know that it’s mutual. Oh wait….what’s that sound?… It’s the sound of your date chomping on their food with their mouth  wide open whilst talking- Oh no! It’s an instant turn off and  all you want to do is go home!

As “mood killer”  is a top trend on Twitter, I have spent this afternoon badgering the Plenty More Fish Team to find out what they think are the biggest mood killers on a first date.  They have come up with some interesting answers to say the least…I hope most of these have never happened / will never happen on a date! So here’s what the folk at the Plenty More Towers reckon would turn them right off.

  • Sloppy language.  Using words such as “innit” and “ain’t.” We ain’t really feelin’ that.
  • Text talk. Using text talk in your messages before or after (hopefully not during) the date. “CUL8R”, “KTHXBAI.” Not attractive. Just don’t do it.
  • Inappropriate touching. There should a limit to touching on a first date. A graze of the arm or a hand on the back is absolutely fine and shows you are interested. A squeeze of the thigh or an unexpected smack on the bum is TOO FAR.
  • Over checking your phone. It looks rude and can make you look quite nervous. All your attention should be on your date…well that’s what you’re there for isn’t it? – to date.
  • I shouldn’t have to say this but burping and/or farting  I don’t even need to justify this with an answer. I just hope no one has actually ever done it!
  • Eating like an animal. Take your time, use your knife and fork and just remember your manners. Definitely don’t lick your plate!
  • Mentioning your ex. It’s the first date, ex’s should not be brought up- it just makes the other person think you’re not over them and definitely not ready to date. Turn off.
  • Bad jokes. Any joke you know may cause offence or is not really that funny should not make an appearance on a first date. It may create a awkward silence and a massive tumble weed situation. Just don’t put yourself/ the other person through it!
So there we go, our collection of first date mood killers. It looks like the Plenty More Fish Team have had some pretty bad dates!!!
PlentyMoreFish 🙂

What song will Kate and Wills have their first dance to?

What song do you reckon Kate and Wills will have for their first dance? Could it be “Dancing Queen” by Abba or perhaps “My Humps” by Black Eyed Peas. YOU DECIDE!

Follow this link and tell us the song you would like to see the couple dance to and we will pick our favourite three. The three winners will each win an iTunes voucher to the value of £20. Be quick though…this competition closes on Monday the 2nd of May 2011.

We are eagerly awaiting your answers 🙂


What makes #agoodboyfriend or #agoodgirlfriend?

Twitter peeps (AKA Tweeps :)) have most recently been describing the attributes of a good boyfriend/girlfriend. We decided to do a little research and find out exactly what people think this means.

So, according to some great tweeps here’s what makes a good boyfriend:

Great advice ladies, especially the one about squishing  mouldy sandwiches into your hair- that’s not an attractive quality!

Now over to the guys. What do you look for in a good girlfriend…?

So that’s what the twitter folk are saying right now. Pssstt.. Maybe fella number 2 would have a good girlfriend if he were a little tidier 😉

MATCHMAKER ALERT. We think we have made a match made in heaven here. To the guy looking for a #goodgirlfriend, we think you would totally get on with the lady wishing to find a #goodboyfriend. Our work is done here…*skips off* 🙂

Would you date these men?

Before online dating there was…video dating!

We came across this video and are yet to work out whether it’s real dating footage from the 80’s…

Shockingly, I think it is actually real footage but surely mullets weren’t as bad as this?! It’s hard to believe that this hair do used to be fashionable!

The question is…would you date any of these men?

We ‘heart’ Miranda Hart…

Miranda shows us exactly how “smooth” she actually is:

We love this show. It’s great for Monday evening giggles and I would definitely recommend!

Poor Miranda…she “literally been on one” date in her life. Maybe she should enter our Facebook competition to get a months free on PlentyMoreFish!

If you fancy watching…she is on BBC2 tonight @ 8.30pm. I’m there! 🙂

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