Lost for words: How to start meaningful conversations on a dating app

Have you ever found yourself stuck at the first hurdle, trying to come up with conversation starters that don’t begin with “Hey, how are you?” You’re feeling the pressure to come up with something that’s compelling enough to grab your matches’ attention.

Dating app burnout is a thing and it happens when you consistently engage in meaningless conversations that are most likely not going anywhere. You’re overwhelmed with the disappointment that you’ve not yet found a date, or even someone to have an interesting conversation with.

But fear not, we’re equipped with plenty of advice to help you spark a flirty, engaging conversation. 

So, where to start?

The key is asking intentional questions. Not just a simple “How are you?”. If you want to grab the attention of your match, you want to ask something that they likely haven’t answered recently. 

Open-ended questions are great for this. Check out their profile and pick something to ask them about. It could be to do with a picture they’ve uploaded traveling, their family, any hobbies or interesting quirks they’ve spoken about. This is a lot easier to do with a match that thoroughly fills out their profile. 

But your match hasn’t got anything interesting on their profile? That’s okay, here’s a few questions and topics you could bring up next time you’re stuck for chat. 

  1. Is there anything new you’ve learned lately that you could talk about for hours?
  2. Tell me about a book or film that changed your life.
  3. Compliment them! Compliment physical features, their life, their pet etc. It can help build their confidence and could spark them to ask you a question.
  4. What has been the most exciting part of your week/month/year so far?
  5. Ask them about their goals. People love talking about the things that they’re passionate about and it gives you a better idea of the type of person your match is. 
  6. Ask them what they’re looking to get out of dating. Do they just want a hook-up or a deep connection? This is a fantastic question to ask so you know where you stand right off the bat.

Starting a conversation with someone who doesn’t give you much to work with can be difficult, however we hope that these tips can help you in sparking up fresh, exciting conversations. 

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