3 reasons why you could be dealing with dating burnout

Whilst dating is a fun experience; you’re meeting new people and trying out restaurants you probably would never go to on your own, it can be tiring seeing the notifications of a ‘new match’ or ‘….wants to talk to you’. It can become overwhelming and exhausting and what was once fun about it doesn’t seem to be as exciting. We’ve been doing a bit of research to see what could be causing this and we’ve put together a few reasons why you could be experiencing this.

1. You think there just isn’t anyone out there for you anymore.

If you’re willing to throw in the towel because you believe there’s no one else out there for you to find, then you’re heading for a dating burnout. But is giving up on dating what you really want or are you simply having a bad streak? It’s time to get real about what you want. Are you willing to see this rough patch through and come out on the other side? If the answer is no, then give yourself a break and focus on ‘self-partnering’ as actor Emma Watson calls it.  

2. You’re struggling with rejection.

Rejection can be difficult to deal with, particularly when you’re having it repeatedly happen to you for things out of your control or if you’ve got rejected by someone who you really cared for. Even if you’re usually the type of person to shrug off a comment made by one of your unsuccessful dates, there can be a point where it can impact your self-esteem and you start to take it more personally.  

Healthy dating is knowing you’ll come across rejections along the way but being able to handle them. Taking time out to regain that confidence and hone in on what you want is perfectly normal. You want to be the best version of you that you’re putting out there.

3. Dating isn’t fun.

Remember the excitement you felt when you were first setting up your profile and received your first match? You should still get those feelings a year down the line! If you find yourself rolling your eyes at your message notifications and responding feels like a chore then it might be time to take a break. You can come back with a fresh set of eyes, and during that time away you may even learn more about what you’re looking for.

Remember that there is no timeline on meeting ‘the one’ and taking that well-earned break from dating may just be the exact thing you need to reboot your dating life.

When you are ready to return to the dating world or maybe you want to try something new, then we have singles waiting for you over at Plentymorefish.

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