What is expected of you as a submissive?

You’ve most likely heard of the word Submissive or Submission, particularly if you’ve read our Guide to BDSM post. But if you’re not too sure we’ll run over it quickly for you. Submission is surrendering to the control of the dominant, typically this is a relationship formed between two people where one person has authority over another in consensual terms. BDSM is not a requirement for a D/S (Dominant/Submissive) relationship, but if you like things kinky in the bedroom you could add in elements of it.

But what is expected of you exactly as a submissive?

You need to be accepting

Being in a D/S relationship can be challenging, particularly if it’s your first experience of one. So being accepting of the other person is important in making them feel comfortable.

You need to be honest

Honesty is so important, particularly in a submissive role as your dominant needs to get to know every intimate detail about you before and after engaging in the relationship. This is so that they clearly know your boundaries and what you enjoy.

You need to be trusting

A huge part of engaging in a D/S relationship is trust. Like any relationship if it’s not there then the relationship will struggle. You need to trust your dominant that they’re looking out for you in all ways.

You are going to have sacrifice some things

In a ‘normal’ sexual relationship, you pretty much have control of everything like your pleasure etc. But as a submissive, you consensually hand over the power to your dominant so things like sexual gratification, pleasure and pride become a privilege. Establishing your safe words are crucial for times like these, as you want to be able to express your discomfort at any point.

You need to be patient

Mistakes are bound to happen, by both yourself and your dominant. But learning more about each other takes time and patience, you may want things from your dominant now, but you need to think of the relationship in the long run. This also goes for if it’s someone’s first experience of a D/S relationship, they may be a different type of dominant to what you’re used to, so be patient with them.

So next time you’re wanting to explore the world of submission, remember these are the things you need to expect for a great time. Have fun and get comfortable with this new and exciting relationship.

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