How to become a pro cowgirl😉

“Do you want to get on top?” The question some women dread to hear. You were having a great time but now you’re just worrying about how you look or how you’re moving. It’s not always as easy as it looks, as much as you all want to channel your inner cowgirl sometimes a little guidance might help, so we’ve put a list of tips and tricks together that may help you out in your next rodeo.

First things first, being on top gives you a lot more control than you realise, you control the speed, angles, the intensity, and you also set the rhythm so it’s easier to stick to something that feels good for you.

Don’t go too fast

It’s not about speed. Great sex is about rhythm and motion, so if you don’t feel in sync with your partner then to try to reconnect with them. If you’re moving too fast, it can be more difficult for your partner to keep up and you fall out of rhythm with each other. You’ll also tire out much faster – take it slow and savour it.

Tie your hair up

You’ve probably heard someone say, ‘she means business’ after you tie your hair up. That’s because you really do. It can get steamy and sweaty during your time in the bedroom and the last thing you want to happen is for your hair to get caught or stuck to your face or neck and annoy you. It’s also ready for the cowboy to give it a little tug or pull.

Talk dirty

Get close and personal with your partner, try whispering something dirty in their ear and see how much it turns you on. Just let go and be in the heat of the moment, letting your imagination run wild.

The Coconut Trick

According to the web spelling out the word coconut using your hips is the most exciting way to go ride your naughty bronco. Going at a medium pace and allowing you and your partner feel each letter can leave you and your partner wanting more.

Don’t jump between motions quickly

You might be excited to try all of the different motions you can think of, or maybe you’re just bored of the one you’re doing already but try not to swap and change the motions too much, it can be difficult for you and your partner to be in sync and connect with each other.

Are you wanting to try out these tips and tricks? 😉 Head over to our Naughty Pond to find fellow singles ready to have some fun.

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