How to make oral sex more enjoyable

For some of us receiving oral sex or someone going down under may feel a tad too intimate. It leaves us feeling nervous, uncomfortable, and unable to relax which do not add up to be a very enjoyable sexual experience. If enjoying oral sex is important to you, then there are ways to get over these challenging feelings so you can relax and pleasure from it.

If you’re self-conscious

Many of us often don’t like oral sex because we feel uncomfortable about our intimate parts. It’s a common issue and someone pleasuring you orally can make you feel a bit vulnerable. Learning to love your genitals can help sex become a more memorable and mind-blowing experience and it’s the only way you’re going to be able to feel pleasure to the max. As with the rest of your body, genitalia come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Time to embrace variety!

So how do I feel confident whilst someone is down *there*?

Remember to not compare your vagina (or penis) to those seen in porn or described in erotic novels. The latter are not supposed to look realistic, they’re just exaggerated fantasy versions. (Side note: Check out The Vulva Gallery to get real familiar with what different vulvas look like).

Going into oral sex your self-confidence can dip slightly but a good method to keep you focused and in the moment is to practice breathing into any orgasmic feelings, focus fully on the pleasure rather than getting distracted by the self-conscious thoughts creeping into your head. Every time a thought seems to appear, remember to breathe into the good feeling, ignoring the worries. You’ll notice that the more you do this, the better you become at it and the more you begin to enjoy the pleasure. It may not happen the right but practice these breathing methods during oral sex and when you feel most confident in your body, and you’ll start to notice the changes.

People you get down and dirty with are typically people you trust, so being able to communicate with the other person should feel easy and comfortable. If this is the case, why not share your worries? After all, a problem shared is a problem halved. You might find they offer a bit of reassurance or wise words that put you at ease.

If it feels just a bit too intimate

Oral sex is more intimate than penetrative sex, there’s no doubt about that. Someone being up close and personal can be too much for some, so it’s possible that not enjoying oral sex doesn’t stem from the act itself but more so who’s doing the deed on you.

Be honest with yourself and your sexual partner with what’s going on. If it’s casual sex you’re after, oral sex might be off the agenda for a while until you feel comfortable in the dynamic with your partner and the intimacy grows. Or, in fact, it could totally be off the table, and you can stick to penetrative sex. There should be no pressure to feel like you must participate in oral sex in order to have a good sex life. If it’s something that doesn’t feel right with you, then don’t put yourself into an uncomfortable situation. Being honest with yourself is critical so ask yourself these questions:

1. How comfortable do you feel with this partner performing oral sex on you?

2. Do you only feel uncomfortable with oral sex?

3. Do you enjoy other forms of sex with your partner?

Intimacy might be something that simply grows the more you feel comfortable with your partner, the more sex you have, the more you see each other, or intimacy might just seize to exist between you both. If it’s not, it’s time to address if that’s important to you.

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