6 reasons to try online dating

Reasons to try online dating

Evidence suggests that the stigma associated with dating online is continuously crumbling. It is no longer a place for the “cyber geeks” to hang out but a place for people like you to have fun, date and perhaps even meet the man / woman of your dreams!

So here I propose to you our top reasons for jumping on the online dating bandwagon:

There’s a HUGE pool of potential dates

We have over 1.5 million members to search through and this is constantly growing.

You can find dates in your PJ’s

I think this has got to be one of my favourite reasons to give the online dating world a go. You can get into your pyjamas, pour yourself a cheeky glass of wine and sift through all the people matching your search preferences.

You can filter out unsuitable dates through the search options

By doing this, you can view members that match your search preferences based on things like age, whether they have a profile picture or not and their location. So no awkward questions – perfect! There are also always new faces to see and meet and you can find these easily by searching  for our new members

There are Niche sites out there to suit your preferences

At PlentyMoreFish we currently have 3 ponds: The Single Pond, The Silver Pond and The Naughty Pond.

It’s exciting!

Logging on to find winks and messages from fellow members is a very exciting experience and can give you a great confidence boost.

Paid dating sites are usually moderated

If you are paying for membership on a site, there are usually people behind the scenes checking out each and every member. This is why paid dating sites like us are much safer than the free sites. We work hard to ensure scammers are eradicated and that only genuine people can join our site.

So, what are you waiting for? Get fishing, get dating!

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