Success with Plenty More Fish

Congratulations to Andy and Gwen, who met on Plenty More Fish. We are very happy for you and wish you continued happiness!


We decided to try this site in October. After a couple of winks and a few messages to each other we decided to exchange phone numbers. I was nervous I wouldn’t have anything to talk about, or that I’d clam up, but we actually had a lot in common. After a couple of weeks chatting to each other we met for the first time on November, 8th 2012. We had a day out in South Shields and had a really good time together. A week later we decided to start a relationship or as Gwen said, “We’ll give it a go and take things slowly.” It just goes to show there is someone for you out there and online dating really does work. Thank you very much for finding my soul mate, if it wasn’t for you I’d still be on my own.

Andy & Gwen

Have you found what you were looking for on Plenty More Fish? Please get in touch. Send us an email and include a pic if you can and we’ll give you a shout out!

Happy dating, Maz x

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