First Date Dilemma

Bad date

Your first date with that delicious single you met on Plenty More Fish is here. You’ve been chatting to each other for a few weeks now and you are really excited to meet in person. Only now that she/he is standing in front of you, you feel a bit disappointed. Bummer.

But what happened?

It’s okay and nothing to worry about. You may suffer from a mild case of Imaginitis Idealicus. It’s not contagious, but it can cause unrealistic expectations of your date, which could lead to disappointment. You see, when we like someone our hopeful brains can take over and create idealistic images of Mr/Miss Right. So, how do you manage this condition?

Do like the cucumber and be cool. Give yourself permission to keep an open mind and look past those assumptions of yours. Give your date and yourself a chance to get to know each other. Enjoy your date and try to get to know the other person. But be warned! You could end up actually liking him/her. Terrible, right? ;o)

On a serious note, we don’t want you to throw your common sense overboard. If you are not sure about someone or if they quite obviously lied to you, we advise you to cut your date short. Listen to your gut and check out the ‘Meeting in Person’ section of our Online Dating Safety Tips. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

But coming back to your date….it’s okay if they don’t turn out to be that perfect catch. There’s always Plenty More Fish in the sea!

Tell us, have you ever met someone who was not what you expected? What did you do?

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