New Year. New Profile. New Love.

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So, it’s 2013 and you are still single? You try and try, but you get no responses or dates?

Please don’t be disheartened, I assure you it has nothing to do with you as a person, but chances are your dating profile is in need of an overhaul. Let’s look at it this way, you see an ad on the telly or online and it really gets you interested in the product. Well, those clever marketing boffins have figured out what makes you tick and …well, you all know how marketing works, so I’ll shut up. But my point is that your dating profile works much in the same way, it needs to sell YOU. But where to start? Follow this simple process, revamp your Plentymorefish profile and give your quest for finding that special someone a dating rocket boost.

1. Who are you?

Before you start writing, I need to get you into the right frame of mind. Think, what makes you happiest? When are you feeling the most relaxed? Is it when you are outdoors? In that case, put on your wellies and take a walk. Or is it while you are cooking? So get out your favourite cook book and leaf through the pages or better get cooking. You get the idea. I know this may sound weird, but it really works. Do whatever it is that makes you connect with your true self and once you are in that mindset, it’s much easier to describe who you are and talk about the things you enjoy.

2. Show your personality

You are now in the right frame of mind and you are ready to start writing. However nothing is more boring than to read the same old, “I like this…, I like that….” Don’t tell people what you like, show them! The most effective profiles reflect personality. By creating a persona your profile will stand out. So instead of saying you are funny or creative, demonstrate it. What are your interests? Music? Which band/genre? And why? To give you an idea, I would describe my ideal first date as a combination between an white water rafting race and a cupcake decorating class (preferably not taking place at the same time).

3. Be honest

Given the last point, it may be very tempting to bend the truth a little, but if you think about it, would you like to be deceived? No? Thought so. Sticking to the truth will ensure you attract the perfect match for YOU. If you misrepresent yourself, how is he/she suppose to find you? Besides, being honest is good karma and you don’t want that to come back and bite you in the buns, right?

4. Be open

Unless you are dead set on only wanting to meet, say, a nonsmoking Chinese-speaking Optometrist, be flexible on the list of qualities your date should have. It’s better to include a mostly generic description. I would describe my ideal man as someone who is confident, intelligent, partial to sushi and has a wicked sense of humour. Cast a wide net, you never know who you might catch.

5. Say cheese

When dating online, it’s your profile pic that will generate the initial interest. If he/she does not like your photo they are unlikely to read your profile, so it’s crucial you choose one that is appealing to a potential partner. But what’s appealing you ask? According to research, men look for images where the woman flirts a little with the camera, whilst the ladies seem to prefer a shot in which the man looks into the distance and away from the camera (see Emma and Jake below).


If you make a real effort with your profile, I guarantee you it will increase your chances of finding love hugely. As with most things in life, you get out what you put in.

So, now that you have a rocking profile why not show it off? Send me an email and you could be featured as our next Catch of the Week.

Happy dating!

Maz x

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