How to charm her parents this Christmas


Gentlemen, the most wonderful time of the year is once again approaching like a turkey-laden mega tractor and with that precious time with all the family. And if things are going well with you and your Queen of Hearts, it’s very likely you will finally get to meet her folks too. Jingle Bells indeed!

Let’s be honest, most of us are not looking forward to be scrutinised by Mother and Father dearest or aunty Ethel and uncle Alfred, especially not at Christmas. During the festive season expectations are already set very high, everything has to be perfect and everyone has to be on their best behaviour. Including you.

Nervous about making a cracking first impression? Fear not dashing daters, your Christmas Fairy Sprout Mother is here to help!

Dinner at the family’s home
come prepared by finding out the families favourite tipple and bring that as a gift. In the unfortunate event her parents don’t like alcohol, bring some flowers or luxury chocolates for the lady of the house. (Remember to check for favourite type beforehand)

DON’T neglect other members of the family during the course of the evening. Spending time flirting with Nana Pet and entertaining the little ones with piggyback rides will score you some major brownie points with her whole family. Oh, and DON’T forget to offer to help clearing up and washing the dishes.

Going out to dinner
DO discretely ask the maitre d’ to hand you the bill at the end of the meal. Covering the cost will make her parents see you as generous and a provider (believe me it’s a big deal). You’ll also avoid the awkward chest drumming power struggle that usually ensues when grown men fight over who gets to pay.

Unless someone asks you for your opinion DON’T give unsolicited advice about the wine or the food or worse, order for them. You may think you come across as cultured and worldly, but trust us, no one likes a smarty pants.

Dinner at your home
DO make sure you have at least one photo or two (but not more unless you want to look like a weirdo) of you and your lady where her folks are sure to spot and comment on it. Once they do, be sure to tell the story behind it and the reason you chose this one photo in particular, i.e. she looks so beautiful in it or it was taken the night we first kissed.

DON’T be a lazy host. Your guests should not move a muscle. You cook, serve, clear up etc. If you really want to show off though, hire professional catering staff and spend your time being the charming and generous host.

Let us know how you got on! Happy Christmas!

Maz x

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