Success with Plenty More Fish

Sarah-and-Rob“I first contacted Rob just as we were both about to give up. We messaged each other for a week, then decided to meet up. Our first date was at the Mall in Bristol, where I was treated to a McDonald’s! From that day we have clicked and laughed.

Rob lived in Wales and I am from Bristol. He would come over each weekend and he met my two boys who he hit it off with straight away. I then met his 3 children and his parents and we have all got on so well together.

In August Rob got a new job in Bristol and moved in with me and we are hoping to get married on a beach in Cyprus.”

Sarah & Rob

Thank you guys for sharing your lovely story. It goes to show that a) you should never give up on love and b) the way to a girl’s heart is through fast food. 😉 Well, it certainly worked for this lovely couple.

We wish you both a wonderful and very happy future together. Please remember to send us some wedding pics!

Love from us all at x

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