7 Facebook Sins for Singles

Social Media

Singles, listen up!

If you are using social media and Facebook in particular, there are some things you really should NOT post if don’t want to damage your online cred.

We have compiled a list of the things people really rather not read on their news feed:

1. Use your Facebook page as a dating blog
Social media is there to share our experiences, but using your Facebook page as your personal diary, publishing details about your dates is a no no. It is guaranteed to put potential dates off. Please keep these things private.

2. Wanted – Mr/Mrs Right
Facebook is not a dating site, head over to Plentymorefish.com instead. You can browse thousands of like-minded singles to your heart’s content and can also be found by them. Your chances of finding someone special will increase massively when using the right media. If you are serious about finding love, get online.

3. The Ex
Refrain from posting angry, sweary and otherwise damaging messages about your ex. We understand you are hurting but trust us, nobody wants to read it. It will also make you look sad and bitter. Pick up the phone or meet with a friend instead if you need a shoulder to cry on.

4. Poor me
Soppy, whiney, melancholic, poetry-writing and I-hate-my-single-life posts serve only one purpose – they will make you feel worse than you already do and achieve nothing. Give up on romantic fantasies and take life into your own hands and choose to be happy. We promise, once you radiate positivity, you become infinitely more attractive and cupid is sure to take aim.

5. Nothing left to the Imagination
Posting images of yourself showing more flesh than fabric may demonstrate you are open-minded, but they don’t belong on Facebook. Rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t show an  image to your Nan, do not post it. Check out our Naughty Pond instead.

6. Engage in espionage
Joined MI6? No? Then stop stalking or otherwise snooping on your ex. Life’s social rules still apply in cyberspace and posting sarcastic comments on his / her new conquest is immature. Let them be and move on with your own life.

7. Broadcasting about the new boo
New love is exciting and you are as happy as a bunny in candyfloss. Before you go and blow your cyber horn, take a moment and breathe. Now take your hands off the mouse and shut down your PC. Your friends will be happy for you, but they really don’t want to read about how lovely-wovvey your purdy pookey-pie is. And neither might your new darling. Save this for your personal diary.

Now that you have read this post, tell us what other things make you cringe when reading your friends’ wall posts?

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