What our canine friends can teach us about relationships and dating

It was a typically British day – grey, damp and cold. I was walking through the city and couldn’t help but notice the dogs as I was passing by the local park. The miserable weather did not seem to perturb the furry fellas, as they kept bouncing around, chasing each other, running through puddles and digging in the mud. They were having a blast and watched them for a while when I realised that they can teach us humans a thing or two about relationships and by extension dating. This is what they taught me:

1. Have and be fun
Do you remember the time when you build yourself a blanket fortress or played football with your friends ‘till it got dark no matter what the weather? Things were simple then, weren’t they? To be a well rounded and fulfilled person, doing something everyday that makes you smile will make you infinitely more attractive to the opposite sex. Who wants to be dating the Grinch anyway, right? Whatever it is that used to put a smile on your face, it’s time to give it another try! Just remember to take your date with you and share the fun. Now where’s my lego set?

2. Be loyal, faithful and quick to forgive
Every person on this planet wants to be treated with respect and loved for who they are. Don’t hold grudges, they will only impact on your own happiness. Be the kind, trustworthy and loving person you want to have in YOUR life.

3. Sometimes it is best to sit close and listen
But did you ever wonder why we have two ears but only one mouth? The easiest way to make others feel special is to simply give them your time and listen, it shows you are interested enough to pay attention and that care about what goes on in their world.

4. Follow your instincts
Have you ever had that gut feeling that you should not do something or go out with someone but your head told you otherwise? Start listening your gut,  it is usually right. Be with a person who makes you happy and dump the one who does not. You only have one life, you deserve to be happy.

5. Keep digging until find what you want
Never, ever, ever give up. Especially not on love. Keep looking until you find what you have been looking for.

6. Be yourself
I know I keep going on about this but being happy with yourself and loving who you are is probably the most attractive trait in a human being. People are drawn to confident people and knowing oneself is a huge step towards that.

7. Love unconditionally
Be brave and open your heart. (But remember to keep your wits about you and always apply common sense. If in doubt refer to point 4)

Did we miss one off the list? Do you agree / disagree with the points above?

We hope you enjoyed reading our post. Please send us your comments.

Happy Dating!

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