Four simple steps to sweep a girl off her feet

Gentlemen, believe it. Sweeping a girl off her feet is actually quite easy. You just need to know what to do. It does take some work on your part but we promise it will be worth it. The way to a girl’s heart is through her mind, learn what she is about, what makes her tick, her likes and dislikes etc. So, what you will need to do first is to…

1. Listen


Boobs!  Ah, there you are, thought I’d lost you for a second. 😉

As I was saying, you need to listen to her. We don’t mean that you puppy-like do everything she commands you to do. Instead listen in order to understand. Women are expressive beings and will give you MANY clues as to what gets the green light and what does not. Make sure you are engaged but if you are finding it challenging, try and make it a fun game. Imagine you are a spy on a top secret mission for Queen and country. She’s your mark and you will need to find out as much as possible about her. Every little detail could be important.

2. Meet romance & creativity

Now that you know what her preferences are, use them to charm her. Be creative and throw in a bit of romance to boot. Just be absolutely clear what she classifies as romantic, as some girls are not keen on overblown gestures like being serenaded in public *cringe*, whilst others would swoon their pants off in adoration. Either way make sure which type of lady you are trying to woo to avoid a reaction like this…..

3. Be open

It’s often difficult for a man to be open with his feelings and no woman likes a weepy wuss for a man – sorry, it’s true. The ladies love a man who is confident and can show his emotions, especially when it comes to your relationship and her as your partner. Try telling her what she means to you or pay her a compliment in front of her friends and you will create a connection that will be hard to resist. Appeal to her mind and ask her for her advice, let her see what’s going in your world. Share your concerns / feelings / passions with her and she will fight your corner like a Viking warrior princess.

4. Be authentic

There is no use in attempting any of these tips if you are utilising them to manipulate her for your personal agenda. Making your gal happy for no other reason than that, is guaranteed to make her reciprocate automatically and naturally. It’s simple maths. Adding to her happiness will add to yours and vice versa. Ultimately you will both be happy in each other’s company and your relationship. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

We hope you will give our tips a try. Keep us posted on know how they worked out for you and what experiences you have made.

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