Success with Plenty More Fish

image of a couple named Rhona and Tony

“I was having a friend stay over for a night and we were having a drink (as one does) when with friends and she suggested I try the dating site as I don’t go out much and thought I was going to be on my own for the rest of my days. We were having a good laugh looking at some men and imagining what it would be like to be dating some.  I waited a few weeks before I plucked up the courage to join and really in the beginning Tony didn’t jump out at me as my date!! We sent messages for a few weeks then I sent my mobile number (safer) and then we met up on the local beach with my dog and went for a long and very lovely walk. We had such fun together it was fabulous being happy again. Thankfully for me he loves my dog, as we are a package, that was the deal from the outset ;-). We have now bought a house together and are moving in on 19th October together for a long and very happy life x x” Rhonda &  Tony

All at Plenty More Fish are so happy for you and wish you both a wonderful and blessed future together xxx

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