Online dating: 10 photos you shouldn’t post

As you know we encourage all our members to add a recent photo to their profile as this hugely increases your chances of success and we’ve also posted a blog on how to perfect your profile pic a little while ago to help you with that.

Okay then, we’ve covered the do’s, now let’s discuss the don’ts:

1. Pixel Picasso

Please, please, please refrain from photoshopping, airbrushing or otherwise digitally enhancing yourself. It’s not the real you and you will get found out eventually. We also advise against cutting other people from a photo as it will rarely look convincing (unless you are a pixel pro and know what you are doing). It is most likely going to reflect bad on you and leaves potential dates thinking who the other person was and if they will end up being your next cut out project. Keep your mitts off the mouse!

2. Pro Shot

Okay, we get it, you want to make a great first impression and that professional shot you had commissioned last Christmas makes you look like Britain’s Next Top Model. Unfortunately, it can have the adverse effect on your potential date, as you can come across as vain and high maintenance. Reserve these treasures for where they belong, your loved one’s mantelpiece.

3. Partaaay Animal

“Hey look at me – I’m fun!” Impersonating Count Drunkula, wine stained teeth and purple lips to boot, is not going to endear you to your date. If you can’t quite remember when or how this shot was taken, don’t post it.

4. Duck Face

Don’t. Just don’t!

5. (Wo)Man in the Mirror

Taking a picture of your own reflection in the mirror screams “I have no friends or family who can take my photo for me”. If you must take a photo of yourself, use a camera with auto-release function or a mobile with a front camera and NOT your iPad. We also advise you pay close attention to point 7 below.

6. Where’s Wally?

Ever seen people’s profile pictures and thought, “So, which one is it?” Group shots are a great way of showing that you aren’t Billy-No-Mates, however if your potential date has to guess who you are in the photograph, they may be turned off or worse, fancy your single mate.

7. 9 O’Clock News

Gents, I’m talking mostly to you here. I’ve seen shots like this time and time again. Photos like these are often taken with your webcam at night with your monitor being the only source of light to illuminate your face. Sorry lads, this positively makes you look like you belong in a slasher movie. Unless you are deliberately trying to scare off the ladies, please switch on the lights and crack a smile. I promise you, it will make a huge difference.

8. I am from Lilliput

Posting photos of your miniature self in the middle of a vast space is frustrating for online daters. They want to see the face of the person they are about to get in touch with or they will move on to someone else. Make it easy for them and face it!

9. Meet Mr Ed

Do I really need to explain the reasons why it’s not okay to use an image of your horse as your profile image? Or cat, dog, child, motorbike, skateboard, kitchen sink, sofa, shoes, horse, caterpillar, car, iron, cactus, grandma, random model, body part, lunch, fav celebrity? Unless you are confusing online dating with a popular auction site, for heaven’s sake, please post a picture of yourself.

10. X-Rated

We love free spirits but please respect other’s need for a more conservative approach to dating. Before posting images of yourself gun’s ‘n bun’s a’ blazing, please ensure you are in the right section of the site for your preferred ‘target audience’. This will avoid your account from getting blocked and will protect delicate eyeballs who would rather not see you in all your glory (or not yet anyway).

11. What The F***?

Okay, so we told you we have 10 points but this one is the mother of all advice points so needs a special mention. If you only take one bit of advice today, this is one to remember. Now pay attention! Whatever photo you take, please check your surroundings.

Here’s why….

We hope you found this post useful, entertaining and enlightening. Please keep it in mind and if you are guilty of posting one or all of the above, hit the delete button and upload a simple, yet smiley and well lit headshot of yourself. It will work wonders, we promise.

Happy Dating!

Maz x

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