Abusive Personalities – The early warning signs (Part 3)

couple argueing

The Superior Personality

This type of personality – as the attribute implies – sees themselves as superior to others. They are the classical bully and tend to have hierarchical self-esteem, which means they need to make others feel bad in order to feel good about themselves.

Their strong desire to let others know that they are better, more talented or smarter can make them very seductive in dating, as they will flatter you. Don’t be fooled however, as this is flattery by association rather than genuine affection for you. In their mind you are dating the best after all.

The superior person is usually attracted to people with low self-esteem as this makes it easier for them to fulfil their own needs. When analysed for their self esteem, they tend to test high, whilst their family / partners test low. Once the bullied party stops tolerating this behaviour however, the self-esteem of the Superior Personality wanes and their power diminishes.

Watch out for self-righteousness as an early warning sign of this personality. Disagreeing with him/her is not only wrong but immoral.

Have you ever been with someone with this personality and have any advice or an experience you would like to share?

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