Success with Plenty More Fish

image of a couple“At present Nigel and I live 80 miles apart but we see each other every weekend when he comes to me and I try to see him during the week to coincide with his day off. Although I have only been down to him a few times since we’ve been together he has never complained once but at the moment I am making arrange-ments to be with him more often. We have shared many trips, days out that we have thoroughly enjoyed and have plenty of pictures to look back on. We are enjoying each others company and miss each other a lot when apart so make the most of our time together. We have met each others families and all think we are a good match so I’d like to personally thank you guys for bringing us together. All I can say now is I hope that other people have the same luck as we did and that they find their matches.” Carolyne and Nigel

Long distance relationships can work as Carolyne and Nigel demonstrate. It takes commitment but that’s what relationships are all about, aren’t they? The PlentyMoreFish Team wish you both a very happy and long future together! x

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