Success with Plenty More Fish

picture of a couple“In terms of how we met, my picture/profile flashed up whilst Sue was browsing and she added me as a favourite which of course alerted my inbox. I contacted Sue to ask what I’d done to deserve such an honour of being one of her favourites? We exchanged some messages over a period of a few weeks and then arranged to meet up. We were very lucky in terms of how we met but I have to say your matching process in terms of the data base is what really did the trick because since the day we met we have both said we clearly were destined to meet as we are the soul mate both never had previously until your site brought us together. The picture is from a recent Ball we went to which was our first real public engagement…” Sue and Dave

Thank you Dave for sending us your story. It’s so sweet and we are very happy for you both. Long may it continue! xxx

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