Let’s talk about the C-Word

I’m not talking about the use of colourful profanities or the pitter patter of tiny feet or even that assurance of eternal devotion that some of you fear beyond anything else (myself included). What I want to talk about in this blog is Confidence. “Oh”, I hear you sigh. Yes, confidence, an attribute as rare as candyfloss coloured unicorns (they DO exist!) or the bottomless pot of ice cream (if only).

Since the dawn of time, this elusive and mysterious attribute continues to confuse and elude mankind. It’s like the holy grail to a successful and happy life. If you have confidence they say, you have it all they say. So, what can you do to become confident? We’ve gone out and did some research, testing and evaluating and these are our top five tips on how to increase your confidence levels quickly and easily***:

1. Get moving

Yes, you heard me correctly and yes, it’s neither quick nor easy, but we promise that nothing will make you feel more confident than being comfortable in your own skin. Now put that bag of crisps down and move that bootey! Which brings me to the next point:

2. Cherish your body

If you nourish your body with the right foods such as lean protein and veg, keep it hydrated and give it plenty of sleep, it will thank you with by giving you a healthy, lean and ready for action super bod. Remember, feeling comfy in your own skin has a direct effect on your level of confidence, so get those healthy recipes out.

3. Observe, visualise, emulate

Everyone knows someone who embodies confidence, whether it’s a friend or a celebrity. Picture that person, observe what they do. How do they talk? What words to they use? How do they hold themselves? Imagine yourself stepping into their shoes and them becoming part of you. Feel their confidence becoming yours and let them guide you. The most successful and confident people in the world use this technique, because it works. Got something that scares you? Take your confident person with you and do it!

4. Become your own personal cheerleading squad

Do you have a little critical voice in your head? One that does a marvellous job at putting you down, making you feel rubbish? Tell it to flumps off. Go ahead, do it! Felt good right? Now replace it with something more useful –  your very own cheerleading squad. One that spells out your name accompanied by lots of pom pom swinging, jumping jacks and leg kicking. Doesn’t that feel sooo much better already? Repeat this process as and when required, for as long as you live.

5. Just do it!

Are you guilty of sitting at home moaning about all the things that are wrong with your life? Well, guess what? YOU can change it and YOU are the only ONE who can. Albert Einstein once said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” By taking action you regain control of your destiny and that in turn will give you confidence. It’s a great system and it works every time. Think about what you want to change, list the first steps you need to take, chunk them down into smaller steps,  then go and start with the first step and continue until you have done it. Start right now!

Have you successfully used confidence boosting techniques in the past and what results did you get? Do they work or are they just a waste of time? Either way, let us know. We’d love to have your comments.

***you will still have to do some work though 

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