Success with Plenty More Fish

Picture of a man and a woman wearing sunglassesHello everyone!

Time to spread the luurve and share another success story with you. Say ‘Hi’ to Steve and Jules!

“I joined the website on the recommendation of my mother! I spent a couple of weeks looking around, sending some messages, and creating a diary blog. The diary proved very popular as I was posting funny stories about myself. I received a wink from a lady named Jules and she was absolutely beautiful. I checked out her profile and thought, “wow, this girl is stunning!”.

We started to send emails, and then used the instant chat facility. It was apparent very early on that we had a lot of fun together. She had me laughing and smiling constantly, and I did the same to her. We swapped mobile numbers and soon found ourselves texting all day, every day. Thank you for helping us get together.

Steve & Jules”

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