Success with Plenty More Fish

Picture of Melanie and RobertCupid has been a very busy boy again! And what a great job too. Congratulations to Melanie and Robert – we wish you both a very happy future!

“When Robert and I first joined we both seemed to have a similar approach .. ‘oh we’ll give it a month and see’ .. I don’t think either of us expected something to happen so quickly. Robert spotted me first and made contact and I looked at him and thought ‘he looks very sweet BUT’ as I could see he had very young children with him in his photos. I was concerned about having young children now that mine were getting older and on top of that he said he was leaving quite soon for Germany, to go and work there for a while.

So I decided not to see him. I was polite but declined his offer to meet up and I even went as far as ‘blocking him’ on the website! But that really confused him! He could see I was regularly looking at him even after blocking him – so he guessed right – I was still thinking about him! On the day he was due to go to Germany he fell sick and decided to turn back and go home. When he started to feel better he suddenly remembered I’d given him my email address so he decided to send me a message to let me know he hadn’t gone to Germany after all. So I came clean about my other concern, him having such a young family (I thought he would be very vulnerable and I didn’t want to get his hopes up). He thought that was funny and explained they were his grandchildren. His own children were much older. So with that out of the way we decided to set a date to meet. In between time we spoke on the phone, our conversations getting longer and longer so that we were often talking three or four times a day, literally for hours! I think I fell in love with his voice first and by the time we met, we both knew this person was going to be very special. We were right. In just under eight months we were married, at Chelsea Registry Office, with many of our friends and family there to see us, probably still in shock!

I’m 47 and Robert is nearly 57 and we’ve both been married before for a similar length of time. Neither of us were thinking about getting married again, though we were looking for a serious relationship. We laugh about certain aspects now .. my not wanting to get his hopes up, worried about him having a young family and here I am, a Grandma to his three children and between us we have ten children, ages from 13 – 34!

It’s now a year since we got married and it’s not all been plain sailing but we’re very committed to one another and grateful that our family and friends are very supportive – I think there’s a lot of people out there who believe in love and even marriage!”

Melanie & Robert

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