What do I write in my dating profile?

One question we receive quite regularly is, “What do I write in my dating profile?”

Understandably this can seem a little daunting; chances are you looking to find that special someone and a good first impression counts, right? Here’s an exercise we found very useful to help you get started…

First of all you will need to give yourself a little Me-Time. Put on the comfy slippers, turn on your favourite CD and pour yourself a nice drink. Do whatever you need to put yourself in a relaxed and positive mood. This is important for the real you to come through and to be at your most creative.

Next you will need two blank sheets of A4 paper and a couple coloured pens if you have these. Don’t worry if not, a pen or biro will do just fine.

Now, that you are in a relaxed and positive mood take the piece of paper and write your name in the centre. Next focus on the all the things you LOVE to do like rock climbing, playing with your kids, reading, eating out etc.and write these around your name. The key here is to focus on the things that make you HAPPY. Be as creative and expressive as you want – everything goes as long as it represents you.

Next, focus on all the qualities you admire in your family, friends and role models. Are they adventurous? Hard working? Generous? Imagine these people in front of you and see what you cherish about them, now write these qualities around your name on your piece of paper preferably in a different colour.

By now you should have quite a collection of activities and character qualities. Look at these and focus on the ones that appeal to you the most and then select your top 3 for each. Write them on a separate piece of paper and add a couple of sentences on why you love that particular activity, how it makes you feel or any achievements you’ve made. Do the same for the character qualities. Why do you value this quality in people, how does it make you feel?

Now join your top 3s into two separate paragraphs, one which describes the type of things you like, and one which describes the type of people you like. Now take a look at what you have written, I’m sure it describes you quite accurately as a person. Keep tweaking it if you feel you need to.

Next remember to add a nice photo of you. Please under no circumstances add a photo of your cat/dog/baby/car/fav cartoon character/food/celebrity/piece of furniture or body part to your profile. Your face needs to be on the photo, people want to get to know you, not any of the above. Unless you actually are Homer Simpson or Claudia Schiffer of course.

Now go and catch your fish!

One response to “What do I write in my dating profile?”

  1. Leon says :

    Just would love to meet a woman i can get on with,

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